Chroma Keying

Hello. Does anybody know how to chroma key with Hitfilm Express 2017? Is it possible, and if so, how do you do it? Help is greatly appreciated.


  • Yes. In Hitfilm Express you have several different types of keys, including Color Key, Hue, RGB Keys, Difference Key, Luminance Key, and other tools like Set Matte and, of course, Masking and Roto. There is an advanced Chroma Keyer in Pro. 

    And this video covers all of them. 

    Seriously, this is THE most important 2D Compositing tutorial available for Hitfilm.

  • Shorter version, just to get you started is: Type Greenscreen into the Effects list, apply the Greenscreen Key effect that appears (also note the others that come up ) to your layer. Adjust the settings.

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