[ANSWERED] Any word on Hitfilm 2018 yet ?



  • I agree with @tddavis it was funny as well as original.  I think you are the very first. However in the very near future, I imagine that  there will be a ton of memes using the Weather Chanel's missed video  bus.  But remember, you were the first!

  • Ok, that was cool...mean, but cool.

  • I started with Hitfilm pro, in my opinion there wasn't much of a hype for Hitfilm pro 2017 at least for me.   BUT why is there such a hype for the Hitfilm update?

  • @HitFilmOFFICIAL:

    "Tomorrow we will be sharing a huge announcement on social media at 3pm followed by a live Q&A over on our YouTube channel at 5pm. So, take a break from the Thanksgiving turkey and see what all the fuss is about."

    That's 7am PST and 10am EST. Here we go!

  • @jsbarrett Congrats on the Weather Channel gig! ;)

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    @jsbarrett   Your bus-blocked preview of the new Hitfilm was so fluffy I thought I was going to die!



  • @jsbarrett don't have the bandwidth for video in Antarctica, so I'll look forward to when I can see your joke. 

    @BobDiMarzio there wasn't much prehype on Pro 4 or 2017. As I understand it the 30-day pre-announcement for Pro 3 got some buzz on various sites, but the actual launch didn't get much coverage. Since then the strategy seems to be letting the user community build its own buzz with the questions, while those who might know something leave cryptic statements while carefully avoiding violating NDAs.

    Speaking of cryptic hints, seriously, you do NOT want to miss tomorrow's announcement. If it's what I think it is you are all going to be absolutely blindsided and have a Happy Thanksgiving, indeed. :D

  • Biting my tongue over here...





    No, seriously. I bit my tongue eating lunch.  Bit it hard.  Still hurts.


  • @jsbarrett I'm assuming that you know something about hitfilm pro update 

  • wouldn't it be hilarious and a mean joke at the same time if Hitfilm said Yah  about that update it will be next week or so lol

  • @Anderson01498 lol that would be so funny

    and so mean

    but so funny

  • Sweet christmas came early 

  • Hitfilm  Pro, you had me at puppet tool...  Well, you will have me very soon.

  • Quick question does anybody know what action pro is about?


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    $251 for Pro users to upgrade to the new version.

    Okay --

    Will there be any new functionality added for existing HF Pro users who don't upgrade?

  • Leave it to FXHOME to tease with news of a pending announcement, then spill (some of?) the beans early.  :)

    Now that the news is out on their site, I can confirm the guess by @Andersen01498 .  Yes, I've known a little something about the new Pro.  I was graciously granted a reviewer license a little over a month ago, and have been messing with some of the new features since then.  Some BIG requests have been fulfilled in this update, and some cool new features have been added as well.  I've got to head out for work in a bit, but I'll share some of my tests on my project thread later on.

    Oh, and I wasn't entirely kidding about biting my tongue.  I really did bite it yesterday. I'd show pictures, but I can't think of many people who like to see photos of injured tongue tissue.

  • @jsbarrett We're making sure everything on the site works before inviting people to go visit 

  • .. and would that be Hitfilm Pro Version 6 or am I missing something?

  • @jsbarrett Like you I've been (metaphorically) biting my tounge. I actually did a first look video before leaving for Antarctica based on the October build (and clearly noted my preview is based on the beta). 

    This is the most significant update to Hitfilm Pro since its initial release. Easily. And that's not even all of it... 

  • @Andersen01498 ; Action Pro is a motion capture animation tool that uses input devices in new and interesting ways to capture motion, You can use mouse, touchpad, joypad and other things like the Leap Motion. It's in Beta right now with plans to incorporate VR systems like the HTC Vive too. 

  • @tddavis Most of my playing has been with the Puppet tool. It's pretty sweet!

  • @jsbarrett ; I have suffered from "puppet envy" since I first saw it in an Adobe tutorial, but switching was too much of a cure for me.  That feature alone has decided me on upgrading this year, but some of the other features are no less exciting.  I am still trying to understand what Action Pro is all about; hope to see a demo video or tutorial soon.

  • @tddavis You should be able to download a demo of Action Pro and play around before upgrading to to the full Studio.

  •  You certainly can, but read and remember the instructions because the go away as soon as you start experimenting. I closed and reopened it three times (to re-read them) before I got it to do something. Doh! :)

  • @Aladdin4d ; Thanks. That's where I've been since I posted.  Lots of toys in that Puppet tool.  I'm back to read more on where to start like Palacono said.

  •  Congratulations HF staff!  

    What a monster upgrade.   Very, very nice!

    It is impressive how much you've implemented from the Wishlist and user requests.  Good show!


  • @tonyg yes, HitFilm Pro (6) is the new version out today, we're not calling it HitFilm Pro 2018 though as it's likely 7 or 8 could come out in the same year. As Josh et al explained in today's Live Stream, we'll no longer be doing "one big release a year", but lots of little releases, and the version number will go up a lot faster - effectively whenever there's a marked "feature release". I hope that clarifies things a bit - it's a bold step but great news for users.

    Everyone commenting on Action Pro - great to hear you're playing around already and providing feedback! Do please post anything you come across in the Action Pro Beta Feedback forum. To help with what it does and how to use it, here's a quick intro from Josh:


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