How do I activate Express? Where is my serial code?

1. Sign up for Express if you haven’t already done
- If you have an ad blocker installed, temporarily disable it dont have ad blocker
- You will be asked to share via social media don't use social media
- Then either Login or Create an account created an account

2. You will receive an email (if you don’t, check your spam folder, then contact Support) ok got the email and "completed my registration"


3. Click the “Download…” link in the email, even if you’ve already downloaded and installed. This completes the software registration process, so you now have an Express license on your account

ok was able to do this and I'm running the software

5. Open Express on your computer, and you should see the Activation dialog. Click Activate & Unlock, then login with your username and password. You should not be asked for a serial code if you have completed steps 1-3!  this fails, I have no code or software associated with my account?

- If you’re activating without an Internet connection, follow the additional instructions on screen

You should now be activated. You’re not likely to ever need your serial code, but if you do, you can find it in Your Account.


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