Image looks better in the editor compared to exported video.

I filmed a scene in the dark and it has a bit too much noise. I used the denoise effect and in the editor it looks great. However, once I export it the final video has some strange artifacting and some noise that isn't there in the editor. I'm exporting it in the youtube 1080p hd if that has anything to do with it.


  • @SeamusAran ; Just guessing here without having seen the images in question, but I would suspect it has to with the size difference between your export (full screen sized) and the editor preview ( say 1/4 screen sized.) But, as I say, that's only a quick guess.

  • @tddavis has a good point.  You might try zooming in while editing to see how things will look at full scale.

    Also keep in mind that what you see in the editor hasn't yet been compressed by the exporter.  It's very possible that the process of compression re-introduces new noise.  Dark scenes tend to do that.   One way to kill it would be to make a copy of the YouTube 1080p export preset and crank up the bit rate in the copy.

  • @jsbarret I zoomed in and the image still looks pretty good to me. So how exactly do I do that second thing you mentioned, I'm still pretty new to the whole editing game. I really appreciate the help.

  • Here's the short tutorial, just on the basics of the Export Queue. This should answer your immediate question.

    Here's the long, thorough tutorial on import and export of absolutely everything Hitfilm can handle from video to camera trackers to effects presets. This should answer a lot of questions you don't even know you have yet.

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