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I'm having trouble getting the visualizer to actually work. I bought the Audio-Visual pack and tried following the youtube tutorial to the letter, but when I set the audio input to the layer holding my music, the visualizer pops up but is just a line of dots and I can't figure out how to get it to respond to the audio. I'm pretty new to the software as a whole so it's probably something silly that isn't switched on or something.


  • Cheers for the reply man! Unfortunately this is the very tutorial I was talking about. I copied step for step as best I could, but at 1:31 where he sets the input to the song and you can clearly see the waveform pop up, when I do the same a line of dots pop up and no moving through the timeline gets the waveform to show up. I'm going to make sure I have the most updated version and all that jazz, but if anyone has any other ideas I'd be very grateful to hear them :)

  • I'm wondering if the height parameter is set to 0 in the colors section of the effect, or if it needs to be bumped up a bit.


  • No I dont think its that. I feel like I've messed with pretty much every parameter possible. Tried changing the height and colour and width, the type of line etc.

  • The music doesn't play in the composite shot either. I know that the song works because it plays in the trimmer section and in the editor window if i drag it in, but cant get it to play in the composite shot which I assume is very much linked to the issue.


  • Have you tried other audio files? Perhaps the problem is something unique to that one.

    Along that line, I suggest installing MediaInfo, then dropping your problem audio file into it.  Copy the text analysis and paste it here.

  • Doesn't matter what audio I use, none work, both MP3 and WAV

  • Considering that no sound file works, it sounds like there might still be something missing in your setup of the effect that's preventing it from working.  Can you post a screenshot of your HitFilm window with the effect open in the Controls tab, similar to the setup shown in Axel's demo?  The forum can't host images, so you'll have to upload the image to another server ( works well) and add the image via its URL on that server.

  • Thanks.  I tried setting up something similar matching your settings, and while it wasn't flatlined like yours appears to be, it did behave strangely, getting "stuck" in different patterns for an oddly long time.  It could be that yours is sticking based on the start of the audio file, where it might be silent for a few milliseconds.  One tweak that seemed to fix this was to change the Duration value to something much smaller, like the default 100ms.  Try that and see if it makes a difference.

  • Doesn't make a difference :/ I feel like there's just something really wrong happening, I've tried messing with pretty much every slider. Pretty annoying cause I dropped about $60 bucks on it and I can't get it to do the one thing it's meant to


  • Long shot: are your video card drivers up to date?

    That aside, I suggest contacting support to see what they can do.

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