Composite shot cannot be extended in time

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Please help me with this issue. I had two clips and "cross dissolve" transition effect applied between them. Everything looked smooth during the transition period (couple of seconds). However, when I converted the clips to composite shots, during the transition period, the first frame of the second clip is frozen until the timeline pointer reaches the beginning of the second composite shot.

Why is it different now when I converted them to composite shots? How can I fix this? Is there a way to revert back to clips from composite shots?

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  • When you make a composite shot using a piece of trimmed video that's got a transition applied, the comp isn't built to include the frames that are part of the transition.  My guess is that there's a request on the wishlist thread to address this, but it couldn't hurt to add your own request to the list.

    In the meantime, you can fix this issue with a little manual tweaking.  I'll call your two clips A and B, with A being first.  You say your transition is a couple of seconds, so I'll assume 30fps, for a 60-frame transition.  That means that 30 frames were effectively trimmed from the tail of A when you made A Comp, and 30 frames were trimmed from the head of B when you made B Comp.

    First, remove the cross-dissolve between the two comps, and drag A Comp to its own layer.

    Open the A Comp and edit its properties to extend it by the amount of missing frames (30 in this example).  Drag the end of your footage inside this comp to fill the added space.  Close the comp.

    Open B Comp and edit its properties to add 30 more frames.  Drag your footage inside this comp 30 frames later, then pull the head of the layer back to the start, effectively restoring the missing 30 frames.  Close the comp.  Back in the Editor timeline, trim 30 frames off the head of the comp, then drag the comp so that it starts where it did originally.

    Move A Comp back to the same layer as B Comp in the Editor timeline, and re-add the cross-dissolve.  Because the comps now have enough footage to fill the transition space, you won't have frozen material any more.

    Yes, it's a pain, but it'll get the job done.

  • jsbarrett Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, this is going to be a painful exercise for me as it's a music video, I need to re-sync each of these transition points with audio. And I have over 50+ cuts where I have these transitions. 

  • If you're not far along with it, you can simplify the process somewhat.  Instead of editing directly with your original clips, take each clip before it goes onto the timeline and make a comp out of it.  That will put the full length of the footage into the comp.  From there, you drop the comps (not the originals) onto the timeline, trim them, and add transitions.  That way you won't have to use the steps above to add material back into the comps later because each comp already contains the full footage.

  • jsbarrett Yes, that's a much better way. Thanks!

    I guess I'm learning this the hard way. :)

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