Understanding use of Dual Monitor setup.

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I have just set up both monitors on my computer. I want to use monitor 1 for the HF UI and monitor 2 for the playback of the viewer. Note: this took some time and guesswork to get it to work. Anyway, I "floated" the viewer and dragged it over to the second monitor and it looks fine and is full screen as I hoped for. However, (there is always a however), the viewer still appears in monitor 1. It takes up room and I don't know how to get it to get out of the way. Maybe it is supposed to be that way. I tried grabbing the edges and making it smaller, but I think it still has to be there because of the menu items at the top of the screen. These do not appear on monitor 2. I am just looking for advice as to whether I should accept this and go on or is there a way to configure the two monitors that works better or maybe a standard way everyone does it?? Thanks for looking.


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    Good morning, I do not know exactly where this story is going. But if you want to lock the second monitor on screen two. Then you need to go to "Workspace" and press "create" then you can fix it.

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    If you floated the viewer, I don't see how it could be on Monitor 1.

    Double check and make certain that's not the Layer or Trimmer panels. If it's Layer, you should be able to tear it off and dock it with the Viewer on Monitor 2.

    I'll bet it's the Layer panel. It's not often used, but, by default it's tabbed into the same pane as the viewer. Layer Panelbshows the currently selected clip with no masks or effects applied, so, if you're doing a straight video edit it will look a lot like a second viewer. 

  • @AppieanZon, not the problem at this time. Thanks

    @Triem23k, I will check when I get back to the program later. Thanks

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