Mocha Won't Let Me Export Tracking Data

Hey there,

I am using the version of mocha that came with Hitfilm 3 Pro. and it won't give me the option to export tracking data. the button isn't even there.

do I need to upgrade in order to use this feature?  


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Let's clarify a bit. 

    The Mocha Hitfilm with Pro 3 is based on the Mocha 3 Pro core. Hence, "Mocha Hitfilm 3." The Mocha bundled with 4 Pro is based of Mocha Pro 4, the version in Hitfilm 2017 based off Mocha 5 Pro. This ends definitions. From this point I refer to Mocha Hitfilm by version number. 

    Mocha HF3 only supports export of spline data and, technically, camera solves. Mocha 3 can be tricked into tracking an object, but this requires a camera solve first.

    Mocha HF3 exports its data as a Hitfilm Composite Shot. Splines come in as mask paths, Camera Solves export the camera and static nulls.

    If you're trying to export Corner Pin data, I believe that was added in Mocha HF4. It is not possible, to my knowledge to upgrade Mocha HF as a separate transaction. I think you'd have to upgrade your HF Pro. 

    This is the only Hitfilm (Ultimate 2)-specific Mocha tutorial I know of that covers tracking an object after a camera solve. It should answer your question.

    This tutorial is specifically on camera solves in Mocha HF3.

    I don't have that version installed anymore but I seem to remember not using the Export Tracking Data control, but the Export Camera Solve button. Either way it's in the tutorials. 

    So. Mocha HF2 only did camera solves. Mocha HF3 adds roto splines. Mocha HF4 adds corner pin export. Mocha HF 2017 changes the whole paradigm--Mocha runs as a plug-in on a layer which, in some ways, makes getting data back to Hitfilm odd, but allows one to track or roto any layer, including embedded comps. 

  • Thank you so much, this answers my question. 

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