Weird exporting issue.

Hey there, very new to the program, I am having some major difficulty figuring out how to turn my edited video into a single one file .mp4 or what ever.

I managed once, earlier, to add my project to the export menu, but it attempted to create individual clips for every cut I had made during the actual project instead of creating one long clip of the whole thing.

Would love to be able to actually create an entire video and not just a handful of cuts! Thanks in advance, no hurry, but would eventually love a solution.


  • Don't select the entire timeline before hitting the Export button. Click off and then hit Export Contents.

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     @DarkWestern ; You can also try selecting only the area you want to export with the In button marked in Green and the Out button marked in red.  The area before the IN selection darkens and th same with the area after the OUT selection. Then you click on the button at the right marked in blue to send this IN/OUT area to the Export queue.  Here's a screen cap for illustration: to export.PNG?dl=0

    Hope this helps you out. And please forgive my lousy penmanship with a mouse... :)


  • inScapeDigital  Sorry! I don't see any button which says Export Contents?

    tddavis I want to export the whole project! I edited everything to completion, but when I go to export, it just hands me a group of clips, each one as long as every edit I made, without the option to create one solid final project?

    Maybe I worded this whole thing wrong?

    I edited a clip, from a recording of gameplay, and adjusted out many minor audio deadzones, There doesn't seem to be any option to "Export a video"

    I am so glad you replied, but sadly, nothing you've said helps me thusfar.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Watch the video Norman posted. Among other things it will show you where the button is you're having trouble finding. 

  • His video is 40 minutes long...

    I'd really hope there'd be some simple solution, which could be explained in a textual reply?

    If it's that complicated to do such a simple task, then maybe this was not the program for me.

    Thanks for all the quick replies guys.

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  • I'm willing to wait, there's no deadline, but I won't simply be dismissed by one link to a 40 minute video which any experienced user could summarize in at most 3 minutes. I'll hang in there for a real reply. :)

  • @DarkWestern

    The 40-minute video posted above is long because it is thorough. It is a very in-depth look at all forms of importing and all forms of exporting in all versions of HitFilm. Exporting timelines in HF2017 is covered from around 28:30 onwards.


    Another, shorter (~8mins) video. Skip to around 1:55 if you're impatient:

  • @DarkWestern The one link leads to everything you need including a Table of Contents.

    00:00 - Introduction and overview
    01:38 - Import Audio, Video and Graphic/Photo Media
    05:40 - Import Image Sequences
    07:40 - Import 3D Camera Solves
    09:00 - Import Composite Shots
    10:20 - Import 3D Models
    11:00 - Import Alembic/FBX
    12:35 - HF 2-4 Export Screen Overview
    13:20 - HF 2-4 Export Common Controls
    14:40 - HF 2-4 Youtube Export Settings
    16:50 - HF 2-4 Mp4 Export Settings
    21:50 - HF 2-4 AVI Export Settings
    24:00 - HF 2-4 Quicktime Export Settings
    25:20 - HF 2-4 Image Sequence Export Settings
    27:15 - HF 3-4 Pro Open EXR Export Settings
    28:20 - HF 2017 Export Queue Overview
    31:05 - HF 2017 Managing Export Queue Presets
    32:25 - HF 2017 Mp4 Export Settings
    33:40 - HF 2017 AVI/Cineform Export Setting
    34:35 - HF 2017 Quicktime Export Settings
    35:00 - Export Effects Presets
    36:35 - Import Effects Presets
    37:05 - Exporting Composite Shots
    38:02 - Working With "Template Files"

    The answer is different depending on what version you're using but if you're using HitFilm 2017 you want 28:20 - 31:05

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    "I'd really hope there'd be some simple solution, which could be explained in a textual reply?"

    "I don't see any button which says Export Contents?"

    Right at the top of the manual.


  • NormanPCN 

    This guy just saved me 40 minutes! 

    Not sure how any new user is supposed to naturally just know that this strange Nintendo DS shaped icon  [ it can't be unseen ] means export, but I clicked it, and it added a single solid file to my export, short and simple answer, problem solved.

    Thank you all for you replies, and I knew it had to be simple, there was no way one had to sit through a 40 minute video to explain something that simple.

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    Go to the wishlist and add your voice to asking for a massive great written Export button above the timeline instead of the miniscule Nintendo DS icon. It'll probably get 1000+ likes in the first 10 minutes.

    That and visible handles for the In and Out markers (removed after version 2 of Hitfilm for no obvious reason) instead of grey on grey.

    Hitfilm Wishlist

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @DarkWestern the 40 minute video covers a whole lot of other stuff.

    If you ever have any questions about importing image sequences, importing tracker data, creating custom export settings, transferring edits from one project to another, and a whole host of other questions about anything to do with importing and exporting, you'll end up referred back to the same video.

    So, for example, if you export your video and decide you're not happy with it's quality--it's back to that video. If you decide you need to export at a different resolution than your project, it'll be back to that video. If you decide you want to reuse something you've created in another project, you'll be referred back to the same video. If you decide you need to export, say, audio only... Yup. That video. If you create a great effects chain and want to save it for later reuse... you guessed it, same video. This also applies if you want to import effects and template presets created by other users.

    Honestly, you probably spent more time coming back and forth in this thread than it would have taken to watch the video. And it would have given you the answers to a hell of a lot of other questions that are quite common for new users.

    Or, for future reference I point out the big blue "USER GUIDE" button on Hitfilm's home screen to the left of the interface. The manual should always be one's first stop.

  •  @Triem23 - I getcha, my question was super specific, and only covering the one issue, didn't really feel like dealing with 1,000 other potential issues, when this was the single and only thing holding me back. 

    NormanPCN  This guy just threw it in my face, answered the question, and he's my hero.

    Palacono I don't necessarily think there needs to be a big sign on the button, how about when you click on export, it just exports? Kinda crazy that there's a whole screen about exporting, but it's entirely useless until you find the 12x12 pixel icon jumbled among 40 other icons. I'd say remove the Nintendo DS button, and just let people export naturally, as one would think, by clicking on export.


    So far, I am liking this editing software, but compared to others, this one seems pretty busy, and nothing seems to ever be intuitive towards, what you'd assume something is, or how it works, or should follow any common sense style of learning.

    It's just not as simple as the rest, but I'm going to invest my time, bug you guys on the forums, and eventually unlock all the secrets.

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    Norman actually guided you to the manual twice, you just missed it the first time. Pays to read all replies when you're asking questions. Could have saved yourself an unnecessary rant. ;)

    You also do need to already know some answers before you can ask the 'right' questions, but Hitfilm will reward the efforts you put in, so watch some tutorials, read the manual (which is a bit spartan in places; hence the tutorials).

  • Palacono  I saw it, but because I didn't know the DS icon was a button, it didn't register. Also, I had just spent about 2 hours watching 7 year olds explain how to make text move across a video, so I just wanted an answer, not a redirect to someone else giving an answer. Thanks again though everyone.

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    For anyone else who doesn't like to click on links but has a similar problem; you'll see this if you click, complete with funny little icons:

    Exporting creates a new video or image sequence from your project. The exported media can then be used and played outside of HitFilm.

    Exporting a Timeline

    You can export any timeline, in whole or in part, to create a new video file of its contents. On the left hand side of each timeline are two icons. Which one you click determines what portion of the timeline is added to the Export Queue.

    Export_contents Export Contents: The top button exports the entire contents of the timeline. If your timeline extends beyond the video it contains, any empty frames on the end will not be included in the export.
    Export_workarea Export IN/OUT Area:  The bottom button exports only the work area of your timeline. The work area is defined by the In and Out points you set. To set the work area, move the playhead to the frame where you want the work area to begin, and press the I key (for "in") on the keyboard. Then, move the playhead to the frame where you want the work area to end, and press the O key (for "out").

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