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Good morning Forum,
Hitfilm pro 2017, indicates that there would be a file offline. But that's not right at all. I use the same file further in the timeline.



  • @AppievanZon ; That usually means that the file was moved from its location when you created the project.  It's strange that the same file would be linked properly later in the timeline but not show earlier.  Have you tried relinking the first instance of it?

  • Good afternoon tddavis,  I have not looked further. And just started again where I last saved. Because the file was in the middle of my timeline. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @tddavis in Hitfilm, usually you'll load in one copy of a media file and it will be instanced through the timeline. However if you've loaded composite shots it's quite possible for multiple copies of a single piece of media to end up in the media bin twice, flagged as two different clips. So it's rare, but you can end up with a "missing" clip in Comp A that's still in Comp B.

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