Search field in controls panel and comp timeline

What is "group"? 

I get property, but not group.

The manual is a bit slack. It does not even talk about searching multiple properties. Only the comp timeline talks of search. The control panel docs do not mention the search fields existence. 



  • This is a feature, added in HitFilm 5 update 1, that allows you to refine the filter to specific 'groups' in the hierarchy, where a 'group' is a non leaf level in the hierarchy

    Create a comp with a text layer, a camera layer and a grade layer then search for 'pos rot'.

    The timeline will be filtered to show the position and rotation properties of every layer.

    Now change the filter to 'cam grade, pos rot'.

    Only the camera and grade layer's position will be shown.

    I have no control as to what is and is not documented in the manual, unfortunately.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @DannyDev The manual for Hitfilm  does desperately need revision. Simon Jones (I think) started that sucker. Axel's been revising it. This is around Axel's other tasks, and rebuilding his house (fire "joke.")

    We'll assume, as a small company, FXHOME hasn't had the funds to pick up someone, even if only for a year, specifically to do documentation.
    I hadn't figured out the "Groups" either, although a "group" being a "layer type" is logical.

    Ironically, I'm hoping to get a "Speed up your Hitfilm" tutorial recorded before I leave the country next week (Norman, you'll be getting a private message about that), so this was a timely query and answer.

  • @Triem23 it's not just for layer types though, it's anything that can be expanded.

    Add a particle sim with two emitters that you rename "emitter1" and "emitter2" and now you can search for "emitter2,pos" to filter out everything but the position of your second emitter ;)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @CedricBonnier noted. Thank you.


  • edited October 2017

    I figured it probably had to do with hierarchy levels when I saw it. I happened to be messing with rotation at the time and they are all in transform so group does not mean so much with that particular item. Didn't think about layers. nice!

    Speaking of rotation.  There is not way to select only "rotation (x)" due to the space. Maybe allow a '-' to stand in for a ' ' in the search box. google style.

    It still would be nice if the search had a way to show only properties that have keyframes enabled on the comp timeline. 



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