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I received this message: Tracking could not start because the feature is outside of the layer, what should I do now? An example would be nice!




  • That means that the tracker is out of the window, have you tried putting it inside the window?

  • Good morning forum,
    I have found an example that is also outside the window
    Then it should go with Mocha? I hope ;-)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    As D1A1V1E11 says, this means the point you are tracking moved out of frame. Hopefully you have something parallel still in frame. There's an offset in the point tracker you can use to offset your track.

    Otherwise, mocha will probably work. With tracking there's a certain amount of "it depends." Whether point tracking or mocha, you can't track something out of frame. 

  • Good morning Triem23,
    I've been using Adobe Premiere for a while but it costs 24.99 euros a month
    that was just too expensive for me. This program Hitfilm is completely new to me there are some similarities between Adobe and Hitfilm, but I have to learn everything again and it will probably take a while. Thank you for your time and please have some patience with me. ;-)


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Of course. This is genuinely one of the most helpful VFX forums I've ever run across, and several other users will usually jump in to help anyone with any question. 

    I'm biased, but I highly recommend my Hitfilm University channel on YouTube. I haven't gotten to tracking yet, but my primary series is devoted to getting really in depth on the software (more focused on theory and general operation than tutorials on "Create Specific Effect."

    I also maintain playlists of Hitfilm tutorials from some 20+ other channels. I believe Hitfilm (official), Hitfilm Sensei, Inscape Digital and Shiny Films have all done tracking tutorials. In short, not only can Hitfilm University provide in depth tutorials, it also compiles everyone else's tutorials so you can easily find (and subscribe to) a lot of great information from a lot of talented Hitfilmers.

    With Ae experience you should pick up Hitfilm pretty quickly. Just remember null=point, adjustment layer=grade layer, precomp=embedded composite shot, and learn the Set Matte effect (similar to Ae Track Mattes, except you usually want your source layer in an embedded composite shot. But, Set Matte is ultimately more flexible since a single source layer can apply to multiple layers, not just the one immediately below in the layer stack). Use Heat Distortion instead of Turbulent Displacement... Use Gradient Map instead of Colorama. Use Caustics instead of CC glass. Use the parenting dropdown instead of the pick-whip, etc.

    For a surprising amount of Hitfilm filters vs Ae you'll find it's "same thing, different name."

    Biggest adjustment might be not having expressions, but, honestly, over 90% of the time an expression can be replaced with two keyframes. Instead of typing wiggle expressions, use the Shake filter. 

    When you get into 3D work I think you'll appreciate 0,0,0 being the center of the comp shot, not the top-left corner. 

    I think that covers most of the major differences between the two. 

    In a month or so you'll probably have your "Eureka" moment where Hitfilm's workflow "clicks." After that you'll be off and running. 

  • Good morning Triem23,

    Beautiful description of what Hitfilm can do, thank you.
    I'm on your channel now and it looks great. I'm following all your links so I'm still learning.


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    Triem23, what I want to do is the following: Track a license plate of a car. Then hide the license plate with a color, yellow in this case. As long as it goes straight, everything goes well, but if the car goes through a bend it does not work anymore!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Ok. Try doing four single point tracks. One for each corner. Then apply a Quad Warp effect to your yellow plane and assign each corner to a point. This also works for windows and screen replacement. 

  • Good night forum,
    I have tried several examples on my car but I do not get a good result

    1. Screen Replacement Motion Tracking with Mocha
    2. Tracking: single point and Double points

    Nothing seems to work. I think the license plate is just too small to be able to do something decent

  • @AppievanZom in mocha remember to turn on the Perspective option when you track the plate, or tracking will drift off when the car turns.

  • Good morning Palacono, Yes but you know what it is, the license plate is so small that I can not even set the corners normally and the car drives constand It's absolutely impossible when I zoom in, so I hardly see the corners from the point where I want the yellow plate.

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    If it is so small that you can't track it, then why is it necessary?

    I've successfully tracked a dot of about 4x4 pixels in mocha, which wouldn't  even make a single readable letter on a number plate.

    You say it's more impossible to see the plate when you zoom in?   How are you zooming? Holding down Z and using the Left Mouse button with Up and Down with the mouse (yes, it is the most convoluted and bizarre zoom method in any program ever)?

    Note that in mocha you should start tracking from the point where the plate is most visible and track forwards and backwards from that point, not start at the beginning if it's not clearly visible at that point.

  • Palacono, It's afternoon, time goes fast. It's not too small to be able to read it. My knowledge of Hitfilm Pro 2017 and Mocha is not enough to solve this problem.

    Furthermore, there are no operating instructions for these programs. So I have to watch 1001 preview movies first. But I have not encountered one that briefly explains what to do exactly. (I need to get guitar music from YouTube for my brother for one and a half hours so the computer is still working.) And after that I will go to watch movies for Mocha and Hitfilm Pro 2017 okay is that a good deal?

    And then maybe, maybe I'll come a little further tonight with these beautiful programs!

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    Hmmm.. you're right in the case of mocha, as Help >Help (F1) give you this result.

    But if you go to C:\Program Files\FXhome\HitFilm Pro 2017\include\mocha\help you'll find an old version of the help for v4.3.0, which as Hitfilm's version is a reduced feature version of mocha, probably contains all you need, even though the version is now v5.5.1.

    If you want the manual for the latest version of Mocha you'll need to go to here:

    If you want the offline PDF, download a trial of the latest version of Mocha (5.5.2), go to Help/Help (F1) and copy the PDF somewhere, then uninstall it.

    But as a lot of the latest features aren't available in Hitfilm, the v4.3.0 manual would be the place to start.

    Hitfilm's manual is here, which you can reach from within the program on the front page, where it says User Guide on the blue button on the left hand side:

    Or downloaded as a .PDF here:

    But yes, watching mocha tutorials will certainly help.

    The "Getting Started" ones are available here:

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Furthermore, there are no operating instructions for these programs.

    Um... On Hitfilm's HOME scree to the left of the featured tutorials is a big blue button that says "USER GUIDE." The manual is available from inside the program.

    Or, download here:

    The Mocha Hitfilm manual is available inside the software using the "HELP" option under the Help Menu.

    Mocha Documentation can also be found on the Boris Site:

  • Thanks Triem23 and all!

  •  @Triem23 no it isn't (mocha). See my post above. :)
    If yours is different then...

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