How to setup my monitor

Im trying to figure out why when I edit a video it looks fine on my computer but then when I watch on a different monitor at work or my phone everything is darker. I purchased a new monitor not long ago,
and didnt really change any settings after plugging it in. 
I use hitfilm express 2017 for my editing and watch the videos after exporting in windows media player. Even after I post it to youtube it looks the same. Any suggestions?


  • You will get about as many different responses on this as there are video editors in the world.   But the basic setup will require a test pattern such as SMPTE color bars to get you in the ball park. 

    I just did a quick Google search on "monitor set up color bars" and found lots of examples.  Here are a couple:

    Once you have your monitor(s) adjusted properly, it's a good idea to record color bars from your camera before you start a shoot.  That way, when you bring in your footage to edit, you can adjust the recorded bars against the built in Waveform monitor and Vectorscope in HF.   That will maintain the best visual accuracy of your footage rather than relying on how it looks on the monitor (But the footage will still look good anyway if your monitor is set up correctly first).

  • Stargazer thanks for your help. 

    I was thinking the vector scope was only in the pro version. Where can I find it in HF 2017?


  • Yes, my apologies, I believe scopes are only available in the Pro version.


  • If you look at any random image on Google images on different monitors, won't they look different? Is it not just different brightness settings/colour profiles on your different monitors?

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