Star Wars Kids - Brothers

so here is the latest video ive been working on. overall think the i have the saber effect down well, tried to add reflection in the window also.

I think my lightsaber through the body could have been nicer but the one shot wasnt a nice angle and when working with a 5 and 7 year old you sometimes just have to roll with what you got !!

Also think i could have cut the montage down abit, but try to do a video a week so its easy to say that now.



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Another fun vid! Great job on the reflection comp. You nailed that.

    Montage length didn't bother me, but I do see where trims could be made. Worked well with your music, however.

    Only critical notes? Vader's TIE was awfully tiny, and you might want to vary up your muzzle flash elements. By the end it was getting obvious it was the same flash.

    Lightsaber through body? Yeah, maybe another angle would have been more dramatic, but we can clearly see that the blade passed through the body, coming out the back (good track on the burn mark). The storytelling is clear, so it works.

    Parenting win all around. 

  • Great fun, your spot on with the light sabre through the body, pulling out was not straight because of the movement in the boy. But as you say, got to work with what you got. Maybe a freeze frame of him standing there, then mask half the shot so your arm moves but he stays still? Oh and you need to get them a second nerf gun, standing there with two guns would have looked way cooler.... :)

  • Way fun!  +1 to the other comments. My only addition would be to grade the flashback moments differently to help separate them from the present day, especially when younger brother is training to avenge the other's death.  Even a simple greyscale treatment would make it more clear that one is past, the other is present.

  • coooooooool!!!!!!!!

  • thanks all been away and read all the comments again all great feed back !

    agree with the tie fighter being bigger and didnt think of grading flashback, great tip. thanks !!

    going to move onto the next one, stranger things style episode

  • How did I miss this before. Really really good and the kids were great.

    +1 for the flashbacks but other than that I really enjoyed it

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