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Hey gang, this may be a known issue but I figured I'd mention it anyway.  I've updated Hitfilm Pro 2017 a few times without using it much lately, and then last night when I went to dig into a really involved project I noticed that a bunch of my effects were missing, including the mocha plugin.  I had just updated to the latest patch, if it's relevant.  Anyhoo, I re-downloaded the main installer from my Account page and ran it, selecting the Repair option, and everything came back.  Not sure what happened, but hey.

Interesting thing, when I tried loading a project I knew had a mocha effect in it, (before running Repair) Hitfilm told me "this project uses a plugin that Hitfilm can't find."



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Sometimes odd glitches appear when running updates. A Repair or fresh install always seems to work.

    Note the download page for the current installer does recommend uninstalling the current version before installing the update. 

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