Recover files from SD card

Hi All,


Does anyone know any free software which will enable me to recover files from a memory card for free?


I had a look around on the internet and can only find ones that you have to pay for. Is there any option in Hitfilm to do this?


  • Scandisk have a version that use can trial, I think it will recover all just not let you choose indervidual files. Funny enough I had a micoSD card last week that I snapped the little tail(handle) thingy off, I spoke with Scandisk support direct and basicly they said unless the computer can detect the card the tools they have will not work. So hopefully you can still see the card just not the contents.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Do you know if the sandisk one is free to recover?


    I have installed some recovery software today which I thought was free, its able to scan and see the files but when I ask to recover them it says I need to pay for the software.

  • Sorry not off hand, at work. At least you can see the files, that is a good start.

  • What do you mean by recover files? A SD card reader is all you'll need.

    Are you sure that your SD card isn't locked? On the side of the SD card, there will be the lock switch.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @CNK the SD card is either corrupt, or he's trying to recover accidentally deleted files.

  • hahaha yes its not locked!

    The SD card is corrupt, an error message came up on the last day of our New York trip and then showed no files.

    I plugged it into my laptop and no files showed. When I used a recovery software, it was able to show all the files but when I clicked and the "recover" button it requested I purchase an expensive license.

  • There's a free version of Recuva

  • Thanks will try.

  • Unfortunately you have to pay £19.95 to recover the files

  • @san_2k6 That's not accurate. When you recover files, you do get a pop up window about upgrading but if you look at the top part of the window it will tell you the recovery results. If no files were recovered, it means recovery was unsuccessful, not that you have to pay for anything. 

  •  hi san_2k6, 

    I recommend you to check this article How to Recover Files from Corrupted Memory Card. They mentioned PhotoRec. In addition you can use TestDisk or Recuva. It's completely free. Good luck!

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