Playback & export is stuttering/choppy

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Playback AND the final export has horrible stuttering for some imported videos. I've spent hours experimenting with length, frame rate, and a few different formats.

One of the most common videos I make involve sourcing footage from YouTube, and that seems to be where I have the problem the most. However, it doesn't affect ALL YouTube videos. In one test I did, I shortened a 6 minute video down to 14 seconds within Avidemux, then copied it to a new video file without re-encoding and it worked fine within Hitfilm. Since the video files are identical in all but length, this leads me to suspect some kind of performance bug with Hitfilm. [Avidemux did in fact change the frame rate mode in this example.]


Here's a demonstration I put together:

Here are the source files from the demonstration:

Notice how the "Original YT" file plays fine in something like VLC, but not in Hitfilm's playback. [Unless of course it does, which would indicate something wrong on my computer's end.]


A practical example in one of my actual videos can be found here:

In the practical example, notice how smooth the spinning flower logo is at the bottom right compared to the choppy footage.

I'm pretty desperate to find a solution to this, but I'm afraid simply "convert all of your footage until you find something that works" isn't a helpful answer. Hitfilm should be able to work with h264.


GPU: GeForce 980 [Drivers up to date: 385.69]
CPU: Intel i7 6700K
RAM: 16GB 
OS: Windows 7
Hitfilm Pro 5.0.6718.7202


Thanks in advance for your help!


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    The original YT file is variable framerate (VFR). Apparently Hitfilm does not do a very good job with the conversion from VFR to Constant frame rate (CFR) for this file. This compared to a video player like VLC. The frames at 1:16 and 1:17 are duplicates and thus you get the visible stutter on playback. There are other instances of duplicates. 

    Hitfilm 2017 may be the only editor that tries to handle VFR, and keeping the audio in sync. This first iteration of the implementation may not be bulletproof.  Even though Hitfilm supports VFR, you are probably still better off feeding it CFR material like any other editor.

    Maybe you should contact support so they can look at this to see if there is anything that can be fixed. @Ady

    EDIT: Hitfilm Pro 4, which does not try to support VFR, plays the original YT file smoothly. Of course with longer videos with audio the audio will slowly go out of sync.

    EDIT:ffmpeg is able to transcode to a CFR 24 ideally so it can be done with this source media.

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