"Spooky Skeleton" a Halloween Stop Motion Animation

This is a stop motion animation  with Stikbot action figures and a Re-Ment Pose Skeleton. Created with Pro 2017. Chroma key was used in every shot along  with masking and various other effects.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r747JYI9ZAc


  • FUNNY!!! Great Job!!

  • @SeanDoubleJ ; Good stop motion animation.  It ain't easy to do.  I admire the patience you have.  You put a lot of time into it.  How did you hold the dog off the ground while running?  A masked out armature of some kind?

  • @tddavis Thanks for the kind words. The dog was filmed on a blue screen. I used a stack of clear LEGO bricks attached with blue Fun-Tak  to move him up and down. Most of that was able to be chroma keyed away. Any areas that weren't keyed were then masked out.

  • Love it!  Really fun little short, and excellent stop-motion animation.  If I were to nitpick, I'd say that some of the shots could've maybe been a little shorter (like just a few frames each), just to tighten up the edit a touch and enhance the comedic impact.  But even in its current form, it's a great giggle.  :)

  • @SeanDoubleJ ; Very creative solution for stop motion.

    This was supposed to post from my phone 2 days ago.  Don't know what happened but I found today.

  • Nicely done, @SeanDoubleJ ! I don't know if I'd have the patience to do something like this but I admire you guys that do! Hope to see more!

    I thought the dog was going to take a leg bone and leave the skeleton hanging.......or hopping.   ;^)

  • Great little short, the skeleton stop frame was very nicely done, really captured the movements of the character. Also loved the use of the dirt effect as it tunnelled.

  • Wow great job. Super clean and well thought out. I thought the dog was going to take out the skeleton lol. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Excellent animation, and pretty funny! I'll agree with jsbarrett that a few shots could use some teeny trims, but that's nitpicky.

    Stop-motion is a difficult discipline, and you really did an excellent job getting smooth and interesting movement. Great work!

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    @SeanDoubleJ - I've watched this over and over and still can't get enough. It's funny,  original, and thoroughly put me in the mood for Halloween, keep up the great work! 

  • @Triem23 Thanks for the feedback!

  • @EvangelineWilliams Thanks! I'm glad that I helped spread some Halloween cheer. 

  • @SeanDoubleJ it would be really cool to see a behind the scenes look if you have the time because it is so well done.

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