Where can I find Hitfilm's interface icons?

I want to make some labels for my physical keyboard with Hitfilm's keyboard shortcuts on it and this would go a bit quicker if I could harvest Hitfilm's interface icons from somewhere. Where's the richest ore to be found?

There are a few in the online help manual but they're quite thinly spread.


  • @THX1139 ; It took me a minute to find the post I recalled seeing recently.  I think this maybe what you're after.

    Go down to the media tool kit links near the bottom (there are several) todownload the version's media you want.


  • @tddavis Thanks but I think there's a misunderstanding. I don't want Hitfilm's program logo. My keyboard has like 100 keys and to put Hitfilm's logo on each of them will not improve my efficiency at all! I want the icons of the tools such as the slice tool, the select tool, the text tool and so on and so on.

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    I guess it depends on how the icons are stored for the interface? Try doing windows searches in whatever folder Hitfilm is installed for "*.png" and "*.gif" or "*.jpg." Maybe you'll get lucky and the icons are stored as separate files, easy to use.

    Otherwise you'll have to combine pulling icons from the manual with editing screen shots of the interface. 

  • Good idea. Unfortunately, I find a few icons but not many and none of the kind I was hoping to. FYI you can also search for "kind:image" and this will search for multiple kinds of image at the same time.

  • @THX1139 ; Sorry, my bad there.  I saw icons and didn't think about how you were going to use at all. 

  • HitFilms iconography is compiled into the application and cannot be extracted.

    The only discrete images on disk are for program and document icons.

  • May I suggest an RGB keyboard that you can do color grouping with instead? You can have multiple profiles for different programs in case you want to add another program to your arsenal like Resolve or if you decide to come up with custom shortcut layouts for the way you like to work. It's easier to make  a new profile than it is to change stickers if you change your mind down the road.

  • I don't think different colours will help me much. I'm actually hoping to put labels on the inside of some silicone keyboard covers which I can then place on and take off my keyboard depending on what program I'm using.


    I really don't see any perfect solution to this problem since there's not really enough space to include icons for all the variations of plain, + Ctrl, + Alt, +Shift etc. but this will be cheap, at least, if quite time-consuming to assemble all the damn icons in the first place. Maybe someone else will benefit when I post the layout though and could make their own silicone keyboard cover.

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    I downloaded all the icons I could find on the instruction manual pages but there are many shortcuts that don't have icons and I'm not much of an iconographer. My installation of Hitfilm is out of action right now so this is about as far as I can get without seeing the full list of keyboard shortcuts in the program.

    Any ideas how to make an icon for: 

    • Move Playhead to In Point - Shift+I
    • Move Playhead to Out Point - Shift+O

    • Previous Edit Point - Page up
    • Next Edit Point - Page down

    • New Camera Layer - Ctrl+Alt+C
    • New Light Layer - Ctrl+Alt+L
    • New Grade Layer - Ctrl+Alt+G
    • New Text Layer - Ctrl+Alt+T
    • New Point Layer - Ctrl+Alt+P ?



    Edit: on the other hand, does anyone know keyboard shortcuts that correspond to the following icons?





  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    • Move Playhead to In Point - Shift+I Still thinking 
    • Move Playhead to Out Point - Shift+O Still thinking 

    • Previous Edit Point - Page up A vertical filmstrip on the left with an arrow pointing at it. 
    • Next Edit Point - Page down An arrow pointing at the vertical filmstrip to the right. 

    • New Camera Layer - Ctrl+Alt+C Um. A camera and a +? The stereotypical two-reel box projector, 
    • New Light Layer - Ctrl+Alt+L A Lightbulb and +
    • New Grade Layer - Ctrl+Alt+G
    • New Text Layer - Ctrl+Alt+T A capital T and + in same font style as the Text Tool icon
    • New Point Layer - Ctrl+Alt+P ? An XYZ widget and +

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    I have produced these masterpieces:


    Edit: not sure about the "move playhead to previous/next edit" ones. Alternativees:

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Either variant works for "Move playhead to previous/next edit." I wasn't certain how large your icons could be. I like that you showed the gap between filmstrips to indicate the edit point. I was thinking of a single strip (it's a "clip," right?) but think what you did is more clear.

    In hindsight maybe put the "T and +"  in a rectangle to represent the actual bounding box of the layer? That's a tricky one because it is close to the text tool icon.

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    I think using the A and matching the Text tool makes it more recognisable but there's no reason I can't include alternative buttons. When I'm done, I'll post this on Github or something and people can potentially change it to suit their own needs in the event anyone in the future want to use these. The icons don't really have a size since they're SVG format; they're defined by mathematical formulae and are infinitely scalable. They might need tweaking to look okay once printed out.

    I still need ideas for:

    • Move Playhead to In Point - Shift+I

    • Move Playhead to Out Point - Shift+O

    Edit: maybe these will do (I like that some of these look like they're from the Alien self destruct panel or "Semiotics Standard"):

    • New Grade Layer - Ctrl+Alt+G

    • Set In and Out Points to Content - P

    Also, can anyone tell what these are meant to be and which of 1 vs 2 and 5 vs 6 is clearer? The answers are below, strikenthrough so you don't read them accidentally.

    1/2 Move view to playhead. 3 Move layer to playhead. 4 New plane. 5/6 Cut layer at playhead.

  • This is:

    • Set In and Out Points to Content - P and

    • New Grade Layer - Ctrl+Alt+G



    Unfortunately there are too many shortcuts tied to the L key so the playback loop shortcut has been left out. I'm surprised how many keys are unused; hopefully there will be more shortcuts added in the next release just so I can fill up my keyboard with symbols!


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