Hitfilm Express crashes when I export

I've used Hitfilm Express on my low-spec laptop, and had no problems exporting footage. But, when I use Hitfilm on my high-spec PC, the program crashes as soon as I export any video, even if the video being exported is an empty composite shot.


  • Ok, let's list the specs of both computers. CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage.

    Wild guess, the high-spec has an Nvidia GPU: https://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/44621/using-hitfilm-express-pro-2017-on-machines-with-nvidia-optimus#latest

  • I don't have the laptop with me, sorry!

    Processor: Intel Core i7-6700
    RAM: 16 GB
    64-Bit Operating System
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

  • Nvidia. Yup, see above link. 

  • Alrighty, thanks!


  • @Triem23

    The Nvidia driver issue prevents navigation to the edit screen. We are not aware of any crashes however.

    This sounds like a different issue.

  • @DannyDev I didn't think that exact bug would probably be the issue, but, AS a known issue I figured it was a good starting point. There are times when you wonderful devs point out a driver upgrade as a solution for things I'd never suspect. ;-)

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    Hit Film works fine, But right as I export a file Hit Film crashes. It didn't do this before and it just started. I have restarted my computer many times and have updated everything it just wont work. Any help?

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    Would this be the case for a 1060 gtx as well with i7?

    I just got this laptop and have edited 3 videos so far with it. All the sudden JUST today this has now stopped.

    If I click to send to editor que, the program freezes up completely.  Alternatively if I just click the Editor button, the program freezes as well.

    No errors, but it's completely locked up.  I can't click anything in the software at all and it respond.  I've rebooted and tried again, same thing.

    Even if I freshly open hitfilm and open nothing, if I click Export tab, the software is now locked up completely.  I can't open any projects.

    I can't rollback drivers as this laptop is about 5 days old :(


  • I downloaded the Gforce experience and it suggested a newer driver from September 20th.  After installing this, I can now get back into the Export tab without crashes. :)

  •  Umm I Have Edited many videos with hitfilm express.... But suddenly after i started using a new mkv to mp4 video file converting program it hasent worked to export in hitfilm express 2 times in a row. When i have spendt my hours editing a video. When i press export nothing happends and after a minute or 2 it crashes any help?


  • Ok I just turned all setting abck to defaults and its working no worries awsome program <3

    Even thought i think hitfilm pro is over prized lol 

  • @TheNobleDragon unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for what sounds like the work of a 3rd party program. Also, this thread is very old: in future try to create new threads instead of resurrecting slumbering beings. I will now close this thread.

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