Time to Launch

I subscribed to the email newsletter of Hollywood editor Jeff Bartsch a while ago because he had some cool tips and tricks to share.  Then he dropped off the radar for a long time, but he's back with something new.  Here's the first post about his new endeavor, including a fun video with some good tips about editing:



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    If that first 123,000,000 Traveller video is anything to go by then this is going to be VERY useful.

  • I've subscribed to this chap and watched all the videos posted so far.

    Admittedly I am a complete amateur (even hobbyist is pushing it) but his videos are fantastically well explained and insightful. Even channels like Film Riot (which is also excellent) doesn't give this type of guidance.

    So, the question. Is he really good or is this common knowledge within the filmmakers community?  Where would you learn this as I can't remember other youtube channels with similar content or seen books covering it. 

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