increasing shadow quality

How do I increase the shadow quality in hitfilm pro


  • I think you might have to provide more detail than that.

    • What is your setup. Lights and objects.
    • What are you getting and what do you think it should be. Screenshots are good here.
    • Does the shadow map size setting change your results.

    I can say that point lights have shadow quality decrease as the distance between the light and object gets beyond a certain point. They become diffuse and too big. In reality a point light effectively becomes a directional light as distance increases. Shadows in Hitfilm are an approximation, a decent approximation and reasonably low overhead relative to other ways to compute shadows.

  • @Anderson01498  That looks like it might be a function of the Antaliasing on the shadows.  You might try poking around the settings for your shadows and see if there is any adjustment for this.  Or you could try blurring the shadows a bit grade layer and mask the objects you don't want blurred.  But I think there surely is some way to set Antialiasing on the shadows, but I have been wrong many times before...

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    In the initial Project Settings (and you can change this at any time by going to the Project Tab), turn up the resolution of the Shadow Map property. I think the default is 1024. Take it up to 4096.

    The higher resolution you make your shadow map the smoother the shadows, but the slower the performance. Leaving this value low for editing, then turning it up just before rendering might be smart. 

    So, really, what Norman said. 

    Also (as Norman said) if you have a point light really far away (more than 10-15000 units), try changing it to directional. That's actually less compute intensive and is the better type of light for a long throw. 

    @tddavis you're right far more often than you're wrong on your guesses, but this time you were wrong. But I also know you'll file that tidbit away for reference. :) 

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