Just a little thing I threw together for Halloween this year

Hitfilm for volumetrics, some glows, grading and fire effects.  Thank you. You saved my hide with the volumetrics, which I had generated much too fast in the 3d program



  • @Hitfilmer18240  Loved the animation of the Little Mummy.  Was that stop motion or CG rendered?  It really captured the look of the old claymation holiday specials: Rudolph, Frosty, etc.  The movement was nice and fluid.  And your model guy was excellent!!

  • Hi and thank you!

    It was CG rendered, but I am a bit of a Harryhausen fan so I take a lot of my model moving ideas from him.  The animation was done in Poser (which took a while - its animation toolkit is bizarre until you get used to it, and it involves many, many keyframe edits), then exported to Lightwave for rendering.  Timing shifts, volumetrics and post-effects were done in Hitfilm.

    I can't take credit for the model, which I agree is truly excellent, but I did some of the props and did the animation and the compositing.

  • Poor Mummy George is terrified of the ghost pumpkin! 

  • Muhahahah!  Those who live by fear...

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