How to Make a Blockbuster Movie Trailer



  • @JMcAllister That's my favorite of the two as well.  It's definitely "creep-- y!"  I'm searching through folk songs and other public domain stuff to try and make something out of it.  To date, Avengers 2 "Got no Strings" is my all time favorite, but "Once Upon a Dream" for Maleficent is a close close 2nd. 

  • @HIS_Films ; You are most welcome.  I can't do much in VFX/Blender but I am a Google Master.   

  • @tddavis I listened to those sounds, and I might be able to use them, thanks ;) Since you are a google master ;) do you know where I can find music with vocals that are free, and not copyrighted, I might be asking for to much, but if you can't find anything, that is no problem, thanks :) Only if you want to.

  • No Copyright Sounds is pretty good. You might need to do a bit of trawling to find what you want.

  • Hey @tonyg I am actually subscribed to them, to me, I think their stuff is better for Vlog's or something like that, but that is me, thanks.

  • Great post, I'll use these steps on the next one. Hitfilm Pro and some copilot stuff is great for this sort of thing. 

    I've only been using it for 6 months so still lots to learn and working through the tutorials is a great way to progress.

    If folk want to get into film and FX I would recommend joining your local Film / Video club like I did, you will be surprised how many projects you will be invited to work on from simple title sequences to blowing up cars.

    I did this experimental intro title a few months ago to a short film the club is working on "PURSUIT" you will spot the tutorials for HF FX in the video, this will all be changed but the club was very impressed so I'm now the go to guy for special FX


  • @nealtucker not bad, that must be really fun being in part of a club where everyone is a part of the project, and there is more then one person working on editing the film, I do all editing on my own, and one day I really want more then one person editing on our projects, things would go so much faster! Because I am usually behind on every project I do :)

    By the way, (I was meaning to post it on this thread) here is my most recent trailer based on the video on this thread!

  • oh

    Very exciting and interesting.

    Nice vfx work


  • @Pabloip, Thanks, that is if you were also talking to me, Lol

  • New tailer looking much nicer, really starting to hit that sweet spot.

  • @Andy001z are you talking to me? And if so, are you applying that I fixed the trailer?

  • @his_films yes I thought u posted another earlier version of that trailer. If not it must of grown on me.

  • @Andy001z yea, it is the same video ;) Lol

  • Well one thing is for sure. 

    I'm gonna check out this epic YouTube video.

    Pretty awesome. 

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