How to Make a Blockbuster Movie Trailer



  • Wow, that was amazing, I am totally going to use this method next month in one of my upcoming short Films!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  • @jabarrett That was really good.  Did you have a hand in Auralnauts or run up across this on You Tube?  Either way good job! It really seems like a Hollywood trailer.

  • Nice share! 

    Guess I'll have to up my game now.

  • @tddavis I found it via a friend's post on Facebook.

  • Nice


  • Ha, that was cool, so many movie trailers do this... I guess if it works why break it. I need a dam good BRAWWW sound... they are cool.

  • @Andy001z Andrew Kramer has some amazing trailer hits and slams and booms, etc. in his motionpulse sound design kit! It is $149 on his site, but it is worth it since it has all kinds of professional sounds, 2,000 sound effects!

  • @HIS_films Andrews stuff is always good, and that is pretty good value. Shame the piggy bank is empty.

  • So now you just need someone to subvert it (which I'm sure has already happened). A <Doink!> instead of a Bwaaaa, some meaningless statements or someone reading a shopping list, loud annoying marching band music played at double speed and shots out of focus, or obscured by someone's thumb over the lens.

  • @Palacono haha. I might try this with my Family holiday film that I do annually (this time I got VFX shots planned and filmed).

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Works for current trailers. The idea could be expanded to trailers by decade. :) 

  • This is happy tour for me to read on you post. Follow you guide, I think we are able to master this skill. Thank you. 

  • Does anybody know where I can find the piano sound effect that is in the trailer? (The first sound effect in the trailer) I searched, but nothing like it :(

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    @HIS_Films  I haven't sat at the piano in ages.  I'm pretty sure that a "G" above middle "C".  I'm trying to record a little bit for you and I'll edit with links if it sounds decent.

    Edit:  Had to redo it because I didn't realize my phone would pick up the fans running in the next room.   I did a little extra just playing for mood.  I ran it though izotrope sound cleaner but I still wish I had a better recording set up.  Basically, it's just holding down the sustain pedal and hitting G above middle C, then in the extra bit a G adding a G# in quick succession followed by a G /Gflat then a G again.

  • @tddavis Thank you so much for taking your time in doing this for me! I will look at it as soon as I get a chance, probably tonight, but I got to go :( I just saw it, sorry, but thanks you! I will let you know tonight!

  • No problem.

  • @tddavis I think that is going to work! I might change it a little, but It came out very good! Thank you some much for helping me out, once again ;)

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    @HIS_Films Absolutely no problem.  But I was so unhappy with the sound of that one I redid it again using a shotgun mic and a camera.  Then I cleaned it and I tweaked it in a sound editing program.  I think I like this better.

    But it's up to you which you like best.

    Edit: Oh, and feel free to change them up any way you need/want to.  I'm sure you can make them better.

  • The hardest thing to get right for me is the classic reworked music, this is bassicly a custom job and worked very well. It is why teaming up with someone who can work music magic is a good idea..

  • @tddavis yea this last one is better, thanks!

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    Surely you ('re not) suggesting that my pitiful little thing even approached music magic :)  I haven't sat at piano in years so I know I'm rough to say the least.

    @His_Films  Glad you liked the 2nd one.  Hope it helps and works for you.


  • @tddavis your music melody will have to wait until I am sat infront of my home computer, I am sure it will be most pleasing to the ears.

  • @Andy001z Oh, if you haven't listened already there's really no bother.  It's just a succession of G for trailer mood.  No composition or melody to it. 

  •  that was awesome! DEFINITELY putting that in mind for my next short film!

  • Same here @FXGONBI actually working on mine right now!

  • @HIS_Films  Thought I'd play with trying to make a couple of those creepy, sad covers or non-copyright music, and discovered it fits perfectly with my skills at piano playing!   Here's a couple in case you like them.

  • @tddavis the wheels so came of that bus!!!

  • @Andy001z ; I know, right.  Those sound so weird in that style, but since I was never the best at keeping time it's my jam now!  I can feel like Liberace now.  And see below, I got what you mentioned you were looking for.

    @HIS_Films ; Just for good measure, I went looking for Bwhaa sounds.  Turns out it's a foghorn variation without the two step sound.  Found these.  All are copyright free and one even had creative common license stating it was public domain (included)


  • @tddavis your Hickory Dickory is a horror movie trailer waiting to happen...  



  • @tddavis WOW! thank you so much! I was struggling to find something like that, The trailer to come out the end of the week, I will check those out in a little, and I will let you know, but thanks for checking for me! :)

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