Hitfilm Error

Everytime I click Export nothing happened, If I click Project nothing will happen also, only Edit tab works. The thing is that I still cannot export my footage.

Spec :

Intel i7-7700HQ

GTX 1050Ti


Windows 10

Hitfilm Express 2017


Updated all my driver already. 


  • I've rolled back my Nvidia Driver but still not working. When I checked the driver it turns that it's still on the version 384.76. How to roll back to the version 382.05?

  • I tried other alternative "Running Hitfilm with Intel HD Graphics" and it works.

  • "How to roll back to the version 382.05?"

    Uninstall the current driver and install the specified version. The windows rollback feature will only roll back to the previous driver which still might have been newer the the FxHome recommended driver.

  • @NormanPCN I've tried that and it's unsafe to rollback it. I tried to install the 382.05 by downloading the standalone installer through Nvidia's website and when I installed it, my Nvidia control panel's gone and Nvidia GPU was not listed on the Device Manager/Display Adapters menu. Then I must restore the system back to the previous state and finally my Nvidia control panel's back but still, HitFilm can't work properly under Nvidia. So, now I use it with Intel HD.

  • I am having the same exact problem, what is it that you've done to fix it?

  • @gav_rod Right click, Run with graphic.. Select Intel HD

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