Audio clip is being cut off when imported

I am having a problem where I import a sound into Hitfilm Express 2017 and it doesn't play the whole thing. Even the sound wave is not shown in full.


  • What file format is your sound file?  Also, what OS are you on, and what is the exact version of HitFilm you're running (check the About menu item for this info)?

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    The sound file is a .mp3. I am running MacOS. The version of Hitfilm is Express Update 5.0.0094.

  • Where exactly are you experiencing the truncation of the audio?  Is it in the Trimmer, or have you dropped the file onto the Editor timeline and it's cutting short there?  Or something else?

  • It worked with a different clip. So some of the clips are cutting off and some aren't. However, if I listen to them outside of Hitfilm, they play fully.

  • It is cutting off in the trimmer. I will try it in the timeline and tell you what happens.

  • It's happening with both and the audio wave shows it stopping. I will try playing the clip through in iTunes to see if the clip cuts off in there. That would show that there is something wrong with the clip itself.

  • Hmmm... it seems to end at 1:25 or so but is about 3:00 long. I'm gonna test it with some other clips.

  • Ok with another clip it is cutting off like 3 seconds in  and the clip is 10 seconds long I know that there is more to the clip that comes after that 3 seconds. The audio wave also stops with a straight drop at the part where it stops. I know that there is a problem with this one.

  • So it sounds like you've narrowed it down to the certain clips with problems, not necessarily a problem in HitFilm. Am I reading that correctly?

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    Check the id3 tags in the problem files. Hitfilm doesn't like multiple id3 tags. If there are multiples, delete the tags. Hopefully this is the issue, because it's an easy fix. 

    VLC can edit id3 tags, or Google can direct you to several free tag editors. 

  • Sorry, I'm not exactly sure what an id3 tag is.

  • I'll google it.

  • I'm not sure that that is the issue because it plays fine if I play it in a program like iTunes.

  • Hey, that worked. Thanks.

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