Organize your Ideas for writing Scripts - Tutorial

Hey everybody, Jamie from Film Empire here!

I made a little tutorial on how to keep your ideas organized in order for you to write a script out of it. I hope this helps some of you guys out!

-Jamie, Film Empire


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Very Seth Worley. 

  • Is there going to be a follow-up which takes this and makes it more 'real'? as, at the moment, I am a bit lost. Unusual as I watch most of your vids and usually get what you're saying.

    I use Celtx as well which is a great tool although still use wordpad for shorter scripts.
    We use  a LOT of brainstorming to create 'story cards' (<cough> scraps of paper <cough>) which we then sort before rewriting the 'in-betweens' of the things we like most. These story cards then form the first draft of the script.

    Is the suggestion here that there needs to be some symmetry in a storyline?

    Apologies if I am missing something very obvious.




  • Aha. OK... I get it. thanks @triem23 and @film_empire

    This is one of those situations where things that grab you and make sense tend to be how you go forward. I loved 'How to write for Animation' by Jeffrey Scott which is probably why I use the approach I use. Making Comics by Scott McCloud is up there as well.  Admittedly neither are film-making specific and I still have a lot to learn when it comes to translating theory into practice.

    Perhaps we could have an area to collect recommendations? (probably the existing filmmaking forum?)


  • Sounds like a good idea, I was actually planning on making a follow up where I would actually brainstorm and make something out of it, so good idea @tonyg !

    And yes @Triem23, very Seth Worley haha.

    Regards, Jamie - Film Empire

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