Ignite Express and Sony Vegas Pro 10

Just to say that this works great with my old Sony Vegas Pro version 10!


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    Good to know!

  • How many effects were installed? 

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    @Palacono should be about 90. Vegas 10 was before there were any FXHOME bundled effects in Vegas.

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    @Triem23 I know, but I got 81, plus the 7 bundled that survived being killed because of a different Registry Entry for them = 88.

    Release page says 93 of 94 work with After Effects - no End Credits Crawl - so I wondered if it was just me that got some missing or if it's supposed to install 93 (or 94?) for Vegas.

    I didn't check what was missing from the 93/94 specifically, as it had disabled (not uninstalled) 45 others, so I removed Ignite entirely. I've now got duplicates of the bundled 7 to total 133, or 126 unique effects.

    I assume you've installed Ignite Pro. What do you get?

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    @Palacono Something that's not immediately clear on the web page--where it said "93/94...After Effects," if you click on the logos for the other NLE's the list will update.

    Supposed to be 91 of 94 running in Vegas Pro. Vegas gets no caustics, clone stamp or 360 degree video viewer.

    I'm not entirely certain what all my Hitfilm effects are. I'm still on the v1 plugins and am not on my computer. Probably about 143 of the original 148, but Ignite Pro is now about 160 plugins.

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     @Triem23 Yes, that wasn't very clear to a thicko like me. It just looked like a row of pretty badges. :)

    OK, it says 91 for Vegas and says Caustics. I had a vague recollection that Caustics was one of the 81 that got installed, but it's not there in the HF3Pro plugins, so that's probably a false memory. ;)

    Looks like I'll need to install Ignite Express again and see which ones are specifically installed/missing and see if there are differences between Movie Studios 12,13 and 14.

    I'd have thought Movie Studio/Vegas had no obvious differences in how they work with the Effects. Certainly Gary Rebholz says the codebase for 14 has been rewritten so they are essentially the same program, so fixes in one goes to the other, rather than the diverging codebase of 13.

  • Hey Folks, I install the Ignite Express, fired it up and can't see any new Hitfilm pugins. Any idea where the OFX files are installed so I can map Vegas 13 to their location? Thanks

  • OpenFX video plug-ins are installed in \Program Files\Common Files\OFX

    AFAIK, You cannot "map" Vegas to look for OFX plug-ins in a folder different than the normal one. You can list folders for VST audio plug-ins. Not OFX.

    FxHome does publically state they only support Vegas 14 and later. I'm not sure if they reject unsupported hosts at load time.

    Vegas often gets it's plug-in database out of sync with plug install/uninstalls. . Deleting the cache files and starting Vegas normally clears this up.

    svfx_plugin_cache.bin and plugin_manager_cache.bin

    in the AppData folder

    Vegas 14.

    \Users\"username"\AppData\Local\VEGAS Pro\14.0

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