After installing Ignite Express 2017 Gleam FX has been deleted (Resolved)

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I have Vegas 14 and Hitfilm 4 Pro with Ignite pro. I just update to the Ignite 2017 Express and the "gleam" fx has disappear of my Vegas projects. What can I do to fix this?


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    Uninstall Ignite Express, reinstall Ignite Pro. 

    Everything in Ignite Express is in Ignite Pro. You don't need Express. 

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    Even if I have the 2016 version of it?

    For example 360° video was not available when I've installed the Express version, and it is not present on Ignite Pro (2016 version): 

    360° video

    • 360° Video Transform
    • 360° Video Viewer

    I've never saw it.

  • @guido3d All plugins in Ignite Express 2017 were already part of Ignite 1.0 that shipped with HitFilm 4. There are some new plugins in Ignite 2017 but they are all Pro only.

    Does that make sense?

  • Yes, but the "Ignite express" web page has the 360° video as a feature of it.

  • I've tested in Hitfilm4pro and Vegas 14 and the 360° effects of video never appeared.

  • These were called "Environment Map Viewer" and "Environment Map Transform" before, they are not new effects, just renamed.

  • Maybe I have to update my old (2016 Ignite pro) to Ignite Pro 2017 to fix this?  Or this will produce a licence conflict? What do you recommend?

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Thank you for clarify me this!!! Thank you very much!

  • In your particular case, the best thing to do is to manually uninstall Ignite Express and install your old Ignite 1.0 that has all the same effects plus some more.

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