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  • @jsbarrett ; Thought I'd play along and offer these:

    Hitfilm Fast Notes
    Hitfilm Random Revelations (or Reveals)
    Hitfilm QuikBuzz

    They kind of stray from the parameters established but I thought maybe one would spark some interest.

  • @Palacono re: Hitfilm Quips'n'Tips, for me that's a Curate's egg (which I had to look up earlier).  I like the rhyme and rhythm, but I don't actually want to sell the humor via the name.  The humor will always be there, but from the very beginning I've always wanted it to be a pleasant surprise.  You come for a tutorial, you come away with more knowledge and a few laughs.  Kind of like Film Riot.  Their tutorial videos are often hilarious, but you wouldn't know it by their name.  You only know it by watching.

    @TimStannard : "HitFilm TipFilm worked for me - but only after seeing it a couple of times." 

    Which, to me, says it's working.  Repeated viewings (and saying-out-loud-ings) of all the other options haven't done much for me, but that one grew on me quicker than I expected.  Yes, something that grabs immediately would be nice, but I would argue that staying power is more important.  For me, HitFilm TipFilm wins in that category.

    Thank you all for your input!  I appreciate everyone's contributions and suggestions.  As of now, Quick Tips are dead.  Long live HitFilm TipFilms!

  • I still like tips and Tutes.    And it works well with the Who's "Substitute"

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    A simple looping clip for Instagram.  I thought I could get away with luminance keying to remove the sky for the text reveal, and it mostly worked, but I still had to manually mask a bunch of stuff on several copies of the main photo.  Still, it was a fairly easy build, and let me end the day on a good note.

    (Edit: I didn't know that the forum would embed Instagram items! Sweet! You might not see the play button below, but that's because the loop point is on a solid white frame.  Just click below he header and it should start playing.)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nice work. Beats golf. 

  • Good stuff. :)

  • Nice loop. :) You could maybe have also 2.5d'd the image of ML to grow slightly faster than the background, as it looks like it would have been fairly simple to clone around any bits where you'd see behind him as he grew.

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    @Palacono Good idea! This was admittedly done rather quickly at the end of the day. I had the idea in the morning, but had a bunch of other stuff to take care of first, which left me with little time to work on it at night. I see other things now that would’ve made it better as well. Good ol’ 20/20 hindsight. :)

  • Your comps are really cool jsbarrett.

  • Well my thoughts on it. Its its a little zoom and blur with a mask effect . No disrespect but if we all posted such straight forward compositions the forum would be a spam festival of people self promoting. I  think you need to  be putting more substance in to these works if you want to grow.

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    @Rogyrue You again?  :D Justin has done a guest tutorial for the Hitfilm channel, so he's growing just fine. ;)

    Just search YouTube for "Hitfilm Lego style Transitions" and you'll find it.
    No need for me to post the link again, because you can also find it about halfway down page 4 of this thread if you'd prefer to look there. :)

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    My first ProductionCrate tutorial went live today.  I mentioned back in November that this was in the works, though the topic we landed on for this first tutorial is different from what I had originally thought it might be.  I had a lot of fun working with Chris on this, and am eager do more of this on a regular basis.

  • @jsbarrett ; Hey, congrats on the tutorial with ProductionCrate!  Very informative and useful to many I am sure.

  • @ jsbarrett Way cool!  Really proves that HF can produce professional results. 

  • Loved it, so much peodle can use from this and showing how much can be done with FREE software and some cool assests.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    A nice matte trick for the stroke. :) Lots of good info there.

  • Excellent video as usual. I really liked even the little throwaways like the wiggly eyebrows and the text whooshing behind the smiley face.

    Had to single step it to see how you'd done it.  Nice use of effects even Express users have. That's a mini tutorial right there. :)

  • This was amazing Justin! It was amazing to see what you were able to do with production crate's stuff!

    @Palacono The eyebrows were already animated for Justin, that is one of their pre animated  assets, even though he did move it a little up and down, which was a nice touch B)

  •  Even though I  do not have  any current interest in Motion Graphics, I watched your tutorial start to finish at regular speed.     Not only did you do a great job showcasing  the product, went above the call, went the extra mile , and added  additional aspects which made your project indiscernible from much of this genre that I see in youth oriented commercials.

    Nice Job.

  • Thanks, gang!  For some reason I was a little apprehensive about this piece, but feedback from you and Chris has been very positive, for which I'm very grateful.  :)

    @Triem23 That stroke trick was actually what started it all.  I was thinking of doing something for my own channel around that technique, but because my initial test used ProductionCrate stuff, I ran it by Chris and he encouraged me to expand it a bit.

    @Palacono The text swooping under the emoji was deformed using the Bulge effect.  It was parented to a point placed kind of left-center in the frame (which was also where the Bulge effect was centered), and then rotated using the point to move it in a wide arc.

    Chris has already pitched me an idea for my next tutorial with them, and I'm really excited to dive into it and play around.  To touch on a point that a couple have mentioned, one of the things that he specifically wants me to focus on is stuff that Express users can do.  I may do a Pro-centric tutorial now and then, but Express is going to get a whole lotta love.  :)

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    @jsbarrett I guessed as much (half the fun is reverse engineering ;) ), but what was more impressive was thinking of it in the first place. Maybe do a compendium of "useful little tricks" video?

    Express is much more powerful than a lot of people imagine and using effects in the "wrong" way gets interesting results. Before there was Heat Distortion in HFE2017, I used to use Insect Vision as a (very slow) turbulent displacement. :)

  • "Maybe do a compendium of "useful little tricks" video?"

    Many — if not most — of the things that I have on my video idea list are just little tricks.  While I'm happy doing longer tutorials like those I've done (and hope to continue to do) for FXHOME and ProductionCrate, the vision I've developed for my own channel centers around ideas that can be shared fairly quickly.  That's not because of any assumption about viewers' short attention spans or anything like that.  It's partly because short projects fit more easily around the rest of my life, but also because I want to make this stuff easy to find.  Maybe I'm thinking incorrectly, but my gut tells me that it would be easier to find — and if desired, later re-find — a tutorial on [insert technique here] as a separate video rather than being part of a compendium of tips in a longer video.  I've definitely considered making compendium videos, but I feel a stronger pull to stick with shorter ones on individual topics.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Palacono "Before there was Heat Distortion in HFE2017, I used to use Insect Vision as a (very slow) turbulent displacement."

    Or, create a fractal noise comp as a source for a Displacement effect. Heat Distortion is just a Displacement Filter with a built-in Fractal Noise Generator using the Clouds pattern. Fluid, Energy and Smoke Distortion are the same thing using the Fluid, Energy and Smoke fractal types. Technically those four filters could be combined into a "Fractal Displacement" Effect and enhanced with a dropdown to use Hitfilm's other fractal types like blobs and wood. 

  • @Triem23 Yes I know there are better ways and more versatile, and I have those as (Part1 and Part2) Presets too, but sometimes you just want to drop a quick single preset with keyframes (for rotation) already in there on something and have it work without too much faffing about. So I have a Preset called Turbulent Insects.

    Also, hence my creating those "Motion Graphics" Presets last year. Drag, drop, done. ;)

    But, yes, for others who are interested: Explore, combine, be amazed and enjoy! :)

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    @Palacono actually I'd like to see the preset. I figure you're animating something in the insect vision to get animation. It's actually a creative way to get an effect, and my last post came off dismissive. Rather than a quick tip for other users. :) S'why I like Justin's tutorials. Most of them he's done things I have multiple solutions for and he usually does something different and elegant.  

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    @Triem23 Nah, you're alright. I didn't take it as such. :)

    It's really nothing special, just very small lenses. The smaller they are, the slower it gets, though. Adjust to taste. As a static effect it will just roughen things up a bit. For movement I rotate the angle, but as that rotates around the centre - which then moves less - if you think it would be obvious: you could also keyframe the centre point as well, or instead.

    Edit: I forgot I'd been down this road before. I have another which only moves the Centre Point from bottom left to top right, which looks pretty random, but if you wanted it for fire, you might only move it upwards.

  • My second tutorial for ProductionCrate went live yesterday, in which I demonstrate how to create an 8-bit style look using HitFilm Express.

    Here's the sample piece I made for it, uploaded separately so it can be viewed without my VO obscuring the audio elements.  All of the sound effects were obtained from ProductionCrate as well, but the music was composed by me specifically for the project.


  • @jsbarrett; Really cool tutorial, very usefull tips and tricks

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