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    Re: Lego Tutorial:Well. I don't smack my head, but I smiled and nodded ruefully a few times. For me that was a lovely refresher course in some approaches I hadn't used in a long time, and a lovely demonstration of procedural graphic design in Hitfilm. Very impressive results, and it gives me ideas. 

    So, basically, "Wow!" 

    Re: Hitfilm text puppet warp. 

    I smacked my head twice, but see what you did. 

    So, basically, "Wow!"

    Re: Dragon logo. 

    That's just a lot of fun, detailed work. Great bounce on your keyframing. 

    So, basically, "Wow!"  

  • @Triem23 @spydurhank Thanks!

    It's been just over three weeks since I've been on the forum, mainly because I've been extremely busy with my primary line of work.  It always picks up during the holidays, but this year has been one for the record books for me.  That has its pros and cons, with one of the cons being a near-complete lack of desire/inspiration to do anything on the side, so HitFilm projects have all been pretty much shelved until January.

    The only thing I've got to show since I was last here is a really short test I made back in November using the Clone effect:

    TIP: While the slider for time offset property won't go lower than zero, you can still enter negative values manually.  This allows clones to be delayed later than the original, rather than ahead of it, which is what I did here.

  • I've been away from Hitfilm for six weeks. I'll have a lot of catching up to do on new features! 

    The Antarctica trip negativity impacted my holiday work. Worth it. 

  • Loved these, the Hitfilm one looks so natural. Good job.

  • Okay lets cast the same eye you use upon your own work . 5 pages in and there is nothing of interest here what so ever . A few simple little tricks and that's it.

    There is no content its like some kind of boys club chat. How about you post some content ? to back up your opinion on the work of others because this thread and your channel have nothing to show. 5 pages of nothing .



  • @jsbarret: I also like the melting letters. Do you have a "howto" or tutorial for that? Triem23 also had a tuorial covering that, but the letters where more dripping while this effect is also of interest for me. (Not only with letters).

  • @Rogyrue There are several people on here, like @jsbarrett and myself, that don't show a lot of content because we end up working on content that belongs to a client and we don't have any rights to it. It would be a serious breach of contract not to mention ethically and morally wrong to go around posting somewhere behind a client's back.

  • @Aladdin4d that same point goes for me as well. That said, check you Inbox. This matter should be resolved. 

  •  @Juda1 ;A tutorial on the dripping text effect is definitely on my list, and should be ready (I hope) in the early part of 2018, though I can't give a specific time frame right now.

  • @jsbarrett - Your tips are awesome! I finally had a chance to go through the thread where I left off. Took about an hour but well worth the time. Thank you for all the quick tips and especially the humor. I'm still laughing about the Matte (Damon) layer is Bourne.

  • Thanks, @StormyKnight !

    On a related note, I was just doing some research for a future video, and stumbled across a YouTube channel I hadn't seen yet called Hitfilm Quicktips.  It got me thinking about the similar title I use for my videos, and I'm wondering if I should change them going forward.

    I probably should've done some research before going with that naming scheme last year, but it was one of the first ideas that came to me, I liked the simple rhyming nature of it, and it felt fairly generic.  The user who runs that channel hasn't posted anything in about a year, so I'm not sure if he/she has moved on to other things, but I definitely don't want to impose on a title/naming scheme that they've already established, especially if they have plans to continue with the series.

    Should I come up with a different name, or am I stewing about this for no reason?

  • HF Pro Tips?


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    I have mixed feelings hete. Thay said I'm aware of the Hitfilm Quicktips channel. But, that's his channel name, your show name?

    How about Hitfilm Quickhints? Same rhythm, but not the same word. 

    If HiNtfilm flips through your brain, I intend on using that myself...

  • @Triem23 ;

    Ooh, HintFilm is clever. :)

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    @spydurhank appropriately for this thread, the title animation will use the Puppet tool. 

  • HitFilm Quickhints kinda works, but isn't really grabbing me.  Here are a few other variations that have come to mind:

    • HitFilm Quip — This merges "quick" and "tip" into one word, plus it ties into my proclivity for injecting humor into my stuff.  My only hesitation is that it doesn't immediately connote "tutorial"
    • HitFilm TipFilm — Pretty self explanatory, and like the rhyme and rhythm of this better than Quickhints
    • HitFilm Tip Time — I like the alliteration here

    While Quip was the first to come to mind, I actually like the other two more, but one isn't really standing out above the other.


  • Actually, the more I sit here and stare at them, HitFilm TipFilm is beginning to slowly rise to the top.

  •  Hit Film Quick Tutes?

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    Rhyme and Rhythm for the win.

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    Hitfilm TipFilm is nice in lots of ways, but for non-English speakers, is it too clever?

    Can't think of much, but if you're after alliteration: Hitfilm HowTos? Although there are some that would want to seperate the last two words and stick in an errant apostrophe, so it's a Curate's egg... ;)

  • @Palacono I'm not sure that I understand what you're seeing that feels like it might be too clever for non-English speakers.  Is it the fact that I'm mushing Tip and Film together into one word, similar to HitFilm?  I'm not necessarily married to that moniker mashup.  HitFilm Tip Film works just as well IMO.

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     Well.... that and Tip and Film aren't words that necessarily convey Tutorials about editing / VFX, even when separated. Hitfilm Tips sounds like you might learn something. Hitfilm Film sounds like about Hitfilm? And Hitfilm Tip Film sounds like you are 'tipping over' the aforementioned film.

    Even Hitfilm Film Tips sounds like tips about movies (sit in the middle of the row, don't throw popcorn at the heads of the people in front of you). It's made all the more difficult by the name HitFilm itself, which means...what exactly? Beating some cans of 35mm with a stick to make them perform better? Nope. It's just a name.

    If someone calls their product "RandomWordMash" it's quite difficult to pick other words to convey anything meaningful about it, if you're trying to mash other words together in a similar way.

    For people who haven't a clue about who/what/why Hitfilm is/are - because the name gives nothing away by itself - then you might need to ignore it and concentrate on the words that describe what you're bringing to the party. Hitfilm VFX Tips or Hitfilm Top Tips are more "does what it says on the tin", but it depends on whether you're looking for something for people to search for (VFX Tips?), or just something to put on the Blackboard animation after they've already found you. In which case... Hitfilm Tip Film will do as well as anything and them finding you is a whole separate problem. :)

    If you're just looking for Blackboard titles, then you can go with alliteration after the word 'Hitfilm'

    Hitfilm Brain Bogglers
    Hitfilm Silly Suggestions
    Hitfilm Quick Quips (lends to your style)
    Hitfilm Quips'n'Tips (ditto)
    Hitfilm Artful Antics

    Or simply: Hitfilm Tip Top Tips

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    Well, it's Hitfilm because it's supposed to let you make high-quality effects like in today's hit films! 

  • Hit Film Tips & Tutes

    hitFilm hot Tips

  • I'm primarily looking for a blackboard title and related narration element; e.g. "That's what we're covering today in this HitFilm TipFilm."  I don't plan on selling anyone on the content based on the title alone (see also: "Clever Tagline").  My assumption is that most folks who find the channel or an individual video are already familiar with HitFilm, or VFX/compositing/motion graphics in general.  If not, it should be pretty clear pretty quickly.

    As for alliteration, it's not a necessity.  While I do enjoy a good bit of alliterative wordplay, my comment above about Tip Time shouldn't be taken to mean that I definitely want to go in that direction.  It's just one element of that option that I liked.

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     @Triem23 Yeah, I know, but it's the tail wagging the dog. Lots of things contribute to hit films, including a good script.  Swap Hit for Smash or Wow and Film for Video or Movies and you get SmashVideo and WowMovies, which have about as much (zero) to do with VFX as HitFilm. Actually, SmashMovies isn't bad... :D

    I'm not saying After Effects is much better, but it is adding Effects After... something as well as being slightly punny. ;)

  • In that case (can't remember when I edited it in to know if you'd already read it when you wrote your reply) I resubmit for your approval:

    Hitfilm Quips'n'Tips    because you provide both. :)

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     HitFilm TipFilm worked for me - but only after seeing it a couple of times. You need something that grabs you immediately - and therein lies the problem - a bit like not "getting" why your viewers don't understand the plot in your latest movie - you are already over familiar with it so cannot see it with fresh eyes.

    Something needs to stand out. Often that's a name. Don't blush (or accuse me of stalking) but I very quickly associated the name jsbarrett with high quality comment, opinion, content and tutorials. Therefore I rarely bypass a comment with your name attached.

    Triem23 (which means nothing to me) stands out as well. It also helps in Mike's videos that he always introduces them with his name and what a blessing that name is. A very common given name, a very common surname (among English speaking peoples)  AND they're alliterative! Thank your parents Mike (although, of course, you may have simply assumed that name - great choice). HitFilm University is yet another brilliant name. It just rolls off the tongue, abbreviates nicely to HFU, and explains what it does without a second thought.

    Despite all that, we are visual creatures, and whilst I cannot, after reading this discussion, even remember what your series/channel name is, I bet if I saw the logo, I'd remember and check it out.

    I suppose the point I'm making is that unless you're lucky enough to be named Mike Miller, the importance of a reputation is based upon the first two or three comments/videos someone sees of yours being good AND having a memorable and easily identifiable name and/or consistent logo. 

    There again, I'm a bit of an old git in my 50s and what 20 year olds, raised on social media,  remember/take note of is probably totally different.

  • Anything with "quick" reminds me of QuickBooks. Accounting=Blech

    HitFilm Slick Hints? Canny Quips? Shrewd Dope?


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