Clever Tagline: Animated soccer schedule (January 22, 2020)



  • Awesome, good stuff @CleverTagline . :)

  • @CleverTagline ; Congrats, Justin.  Good news to hear.  Looking forward to your return to tutorials even one a month sounds fantastic.

  • Congratulations also on the 9-5 gig!  The best of luck balancing both, and looking forward to your cleverness :)

  • @CleverTagline ; Congrats on the new gig!

  • Job good. Get settled first. We'll wait, buddy! 

  • Quick update! The move went well, and we're mostly settled after the holidays (Happy New Year, by the way!). On the job front, I'm beyond pleased to announce that I'm the new Director of Community Relations for Las Vegas Lights FC. It's only been two days so far, but I'm absolutely loving it, and looking forward to finding ways to use HitFilm in my work.

    With me back to a consistent 9-5-ish schedule for the first time in many years, I'm looking at how I can allocate some weekend time toward my channels. And yes, that's a plural "channels" there. The Clever Tagline channel will continue, with the new channel focused around short tips for using Airtable, an online database application I got hooked on last year. That channel is named All About That Base. While I haven't had time to produce any "real" content for it yet, I threw together a quick teaser video a couple months ago to encourage people to subscribe:

    First order of business: finish the script for part 2 of the LED tutorial. If all goes well, the next update will be to announce that video's release. Parallel with that I also hope to start batch-producing content for AATB. 

  • My first piece created for work. To announce the release of the 2020 USL Championship schedule, we hired a graphic designer to create a cool image that listed all the home games. My boss then said (essentially), "Could you animate this?" We got the designer to provide me with individual layers for all pieces, and I went to town. The only thing not part of her original design was the audio spectrum effect. I added that partly because the game times had to be cut at the last minute, and I didn't like the gap it left in the design.


  • Wow that is cool. :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nice work. Now your boss should give you a new thousand-dollar workstation to increase your productivity, since you're obviously worth your paycheck! 😉😁

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    @spyderhank Thanks!

    @Triem23 From your mouth to his ears! :prayer:

  •  Very nice!

  • Very slick!  Just tell your boss that wicked graphics takes wicked talent and the right tools.  He needs to feed the wicked talent.

  • Looks great and love the booming music.

    So this is the second tier of US Football? I'll have to keep an eye out for LV Lights results.
    What's THE big game for them?

  • @FilmSensei @Stargazer54 @DafterThings Thanks!

    @DafterThings Correct, USL is just below MLS. USL actually has several tiers within it, but USL Championship (the tier our team is in) is the top tier, and many of its teams are tied to MLS teams. We're not one of those, but there are rumblings that this might change someday.

    As for which game is THE big game, that would be the USL Championship Final. Regular season games go through October, and last year's final was in mid-November. Our team hasn't made it to the playoffs yet (only two years old), but it did better last season than in its inaugural season, and we hope that trend continues.

  •  Happy for you. I really like how the animation turned out. I think it really adds a wow-factor which most major prods don't even have. :D

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