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Well I finally got my latest video completed (well actually there's so much more that could be done with it but I've been anxious to get it out there!)

This was intended for Film Riot's 80's Challenge but complications have caused me to be a month and a half late!

Hope you have fun with it.



  • Probably wasn't a good idea to post this the same day that Hit Film Express 2017 was released. I used a lot of features i hadn't used before. It was a massive learning experience! One thing i've recently learned is when exporting from ZBrush, i had so much better results by using the FBX Exporter in ZBrush. Any critiques or opinions are welcome.

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    That was insanely 80's.

    Also ironic that Max Headroom had no actual CG! 

  • @Triem23. What's ironic about it? Max was Matt Frewer in a rubber mask.

  • Nicely Done!

  • @Triem23 ...except for those crude cg "maps" or blueprints his handler viewed . Thanks for the comment "insanely 80's". 

    Ryan Connolly said it was supposed to be in the 80's style but I made it more of what the 80's was to me; which was mostly MUSIC! Affordable  4 track recorders exploded onto the scene with the Fostex X-15 (my first 4 track) the song in the video (circa 1988?) I recorded on a friends Tascam Porta Studio which is what "Max" is mixing with (just not with my friends deck). 

    My friend Ty brought  his brand new deck over and I immediately set it up on the couch and recorded a guitar track which I named Couch Potato Studio (it's always good to name something in case you want to find it again). The "empty" pun made me think of the name of that piece and the song wrote itself.

  • Well earlier today I pulled together enough of the thing I was working on for @Triem23 's contest over at Hit Film University to actually post it!

    It's nowhere near what I was imagining but was having a problem with a different Spaceship model I was going to replace this one with....almost threw in the towel.

    Since I didn't, you can find it here Flyby

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    @Palacono "ironic" that as Max Headroom was "The World's first computer-generated TV host,"  he was actually Matt Frewer with a headpiece and hand-drawn backgrounds from Rob Lord studios. ;-)

    Surely the "First computer generated TV host" having zero CGI involved is the dictionary definition of ironic?

    DrFnord I think my buddies and I used to use the Fostex  X-15. In fact, I found an old box of cassettes recenty that has old 4-track recordings on them. Too bad the variations in tape playback speed make caturing both sides, then flipping one unlikely to synch up the full mix... Probably more time than it's worth to try to salvage a 1990 recording that probably sucked.

  • A couple of days ago I was able to finish a video I did for Film Riot's Film Noir Challenge. Hope you will check it out.

    No Strings 

  • @Triem23  my Fostex deck got further ruined by an "electrician" who lied about having  worked on them before. 

    A few years ago I was successful at transferring a song to my computer by recording 2 of the tracks played forward and then flipping the tape to record tracks 3 and 4 which I then reversed inside Ableton Live.

    Here's the song:   Forwards

    my friend Richard tried to imitate the chorus while playing  it backwards and recording the result on an open track. If you've ever tried to reproduce backwards lyrics with your vocal chords you'll know just how difficult and improbable that is!

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    I  finally have gotten the following video to a somewhat postable state. It's still full of flaws but I've got to move on before all my hair is pulled out. 

    I tried to follow @Triem23 and @TriFlexFilms advice about an earlier version. Had a tough time motion tracking it [probably because of my fish eye lens and motion blur] so the sky replacement and other things are a little off. Flames in the tree are probably far too big etc. 

    Still struggling with importing 3d models from ZBrush but have found that exporting them as an FBX gives me much better results than an OBJ!

    Any feedback is welcome.

    A Light Launch


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