Premiere Pro CC and Ignite not showing up (Resolved)

edited June 2017 in Ignite Support

I have a new installation of Adobe CC 2017 (full, with Premiere), and the Ignite plugins are not showing up. I have re-installed Ignite several times, but I can't seem to get it to show up. Is there anything I should do or check to diagnose this? I am using Windows 10.


  • I should add that the Ignite plugins are working fine in Premiere CS6. They are just not showing up in CC 2017. I have tried uninstalling the Ignite plugins, and then installing them again to no effect.

  • OK. I got Ignite to work in Premiere Pro CC 2017. I had to uninstall Ignite 2017 and then install the original installer, not the update installer. The installation process worked differently (from scratch). Whereas the update installer asked me whether I wanted to change, repair, etc. the installation. 

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