DARKNESS UNVEILED - Lightsaber Duel - LCC 2018 (11/1/18)



  • Hey GrayMotion!

    My Actor came up with that line "Cookie loving Stormtrooper" Glad you liked it!

    So I did use Element 3D for the corridor shots and all the 3d models, including all space, first time, and it was fun!

    I am glad I didn't forget to add the sparks because it added a nice touch like you said :)


    full version to come hopefully by the end of the week or sooner!

  • @HIS_Films  Great job!  Has anyone else noticed the resemblance of your lead actor to current photos of Jake Lloyd who played kid Darth Vader in Phantom Menace, or is it just my old man eyes?

  • Hey tddavis Glad you liked it! Now that you mention it, he kind of does :)

    I liked your entry by the way for the contest, the reflections on the space craft were nice!

  • @HIS_Films  Thanks, but it was weak at best, and like I told GrayMotion those reflections were stumbled upon by accident.  

    You know now that I've thought about that phrase "cookie-loving Stormtrooper"  I can't help but picture my 345 lbs stuffed into white plastic armor with the black undergarment sticking out between the plates all over!   Maybe even a pot-bellied stomach plate for more room.  Or a blue furry wookie-like muppet that likes to munch on cookies in the armor.

  • ttdavis

    Lol that would be funny!

    Random question how do I tag someone? Like you did to me "@HIS_Films" it is probably so simple, I just do not know how to do this ;)

  • @HIS_Films  Exactly like you tagged yourself.  Type the @ sign in front of someone's user handle and when it posts it will turn blue and into a link to their user page info plus the automated system will put a red box at the bottom (Over Profile if I'm not mistaken) when they log in next.  It puts a red box over Inbox when they get a Private Message.  I had to ask when I first started using the forum, too.

  • @tddavis

    Wait! I did not know I did that oops :D sorry thanks :)

  • @HIS_Films   Hey, no apology necessary.  It would only affect you but I imagine the system doesn't send notifications from a user to themselves anyway. I just meant as an example of how it's done.  And you've got it now.

  • Cool clips.

  • @Hudson982 Glad you liked the clips running a little behind on the full version for sure to come out next week some time :)

  • Well here is the full version of Yoda's Missing cookies! I know there are a couple of mistakes, like in the first space shot the misty cloud stuff was not tracked well the rendering was really slow there, a lot of info :) Enjoy!


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nice! Dark Lord Oreo! hahahaha!

    ("...and, of course, Jar-Jar Binks," just said so dismissively...)

    Nice to see and expanded and final version.

    Only notes are the edit at 1:40 isn't working, (but you probably don't have a different angle or take) and remember that a second copy of a greenscreen video with a VERY rough matte can be used to fix keying issues. There are a few holes in Darth Oreo that can be quickly patched with a super fast roto.

    But I do enjoy this short even more in the expanded version.

  • Thanks Triem! Glad you liked it more!

    Thanks for the tips :) I was not thinking, when I shot those two shots, that they were like at the same angle, I need to think next time :D

    I never thought of that, by doubling up the greenscreen footage than doing a rough mask under, that is smart, that is going to help a lot! We can just say that Darth Oreo hase some kind of special sith powers, or something were you can see through him...sometimes ;)


  • Late to the party.  I think the expanded version is definitely fun, but I've got a few quibbles:

    • Serif fonts don't work well for Star Wars-style scrolls.  Notice that Lucasfilm always uses a heavy sans-serif typeface for theirs. Sans-serif type is much easier to read as it gets smaller.
    • The framing at 1:21 works when the Sith guy jumps in, but before he arrives it just feels awkward because we can't see the young Jedi at all, and his partner is cropped strangely and looking out of frame.  A different shot showing the two leads would work better here, then cut to this framing when the new baddie enters.
    • It took several viewings before I realized that the shot at 1:09 is supposed to show the two Jedi exiting their ship and entering the Star Destroyer.  The ship and character details are way too small in the frame for this to be clear, even when viewed full-screen. You could push the camera closer, but the texture detail on the Star Destroyer model doesn't really work up close. Frankly, you could probably get by without this shot.  Perhaps do one of those stereotypical Star Wars soft-edged wipes from the wide shot of the ships approaching to the interior where the two leads are ready for action.
    • My biggest complaint: I can't understand half of the characters' lines.  My initial viewing was playing through my comp speakers, with a loud fan in the background making it tough to hear.  Even with headphones on, though, the quieter lines are largely unintelligible, either because the level is just low, or they're drowned out by the music and sound effects, or both. 
  • @jsbarrett Hey, glad you liked it :)

    • Thanks for the tip on the fonts, I really was not focused on that really at all, I just used what was default witch is my fault, I need to think about that next time ;)
    • I had another shot that I was going to add right after 1:21 showing the stormtrooper dead on the floor with the guys looking at him, but I was moving the camera in the shot on purpose, but did not have any good tracking points at all so that the corridor would stay with the stormtrooper, witch was my fault, again, so I did not add it :(
    • The model for the star ship was free, so the model did not have very good details, so I should not have done a really close up shot, what I really needed was a good high detailed model ( I did not have the money for that) so that I could have gotten really close up, I guess in that shot I was trying to show the scale of the characters to the ship.
    • The audio, I am always having trouble with that, I really need some better audio equipment (Hopefully I will be able to get some through the "My Rode Reel 2017 Contest" another problem I have is the audio levels, so I need to work on that, my sounds and music always seem to be maybe to loud, I do not know, but I know I need to work on the audio for sure!

    Thanks, your comment has been helpful :)


  • edited July 2017


     So I attempted my First Vlog and here it is! Please give tips, the music at the end got a little loud, so that is my fault, but I am not saying anything important at that point ;)


    If you did want to vote, just check in the description on youtube, thanks :)

  • do not no why the thumbnail is not showing?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

     Don't worry about that---that's an occasional glitch in the wonderful forum software. ;-)

  • Nice! Both the music and sound effects were too loud, so it was tough to follow at times, but not bad for a first effort.

  • @Triem23 ; Ok, no problem thanks :)

    @jsbarrett Glad you liked it! Sorry about the audio I struggle :)

  • @His_Films try using ShotCut. It's got an audio Normalise function. I found it's also better than Handbrake at exporting clips that play nicely in Hitfilm. Handbrake keeps on turning CFR footage into VFR for me, but Shotcut doesn't. Load, Export, done.


    Tutorials are slim, and pretty awful, but watch them all and you'll get a sense of what it can do and you can just use it as a "fixer upper" program before you start working in Hitfilm.

  • @Palacono Thanks I will watch it and check it out thanks for the help, i need it :)

  • Here is my First entry for Production crate's monthly contest!

    Theme: Edit this Footage!     So they give you footage of a recording of themselves and you have to edit it, and that is what we did!


  • Brilliant. And as usual, the music and FX: stellar! :D

    My only note would be: The first hand hitting the keyboard replaced by a finger pressing a mouse, which then allow you to have a hand hitting the keyboard delete button (closeup of the word delete as it is pressed) rather than the quite subtle mouse click.

  • @Palacono Great! Glad you liked it! Thanks :)

    You make a great point! That would make a whole lot of sense :D to switch those movements, oh well, I will keep that in mind :)

  • Very clever, and great production quality!  Aside from what @Palacono said, two things jumped out to me as CBBs (Could Be Better):

    • The keying in the keyboard shot near the beginning needs work.  The edge-flicker is a little distracting.  Might've been more effective to lock off the camera and manually mask what you needed.
    • The next shot ("Hey!") is a jump cut against the one following it.  Would've worked better as a single shot.
  • @jsbarrett Hey! Thanks for the tips! They are helpful :) Glad you liked it! I will keep in mind what you said :) Another to come out later today.


  • Looks good, would of been nice to have seen the source footage after to compare all that lovely work you did.

    oh and I came to this thread thinking you had DELETED something, and wondered what. The subject tag in the header caught my interest.

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