DARKNESS UNVEILED - Lightsaber Duel - LCC 2018 (11/1/18)



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    It was good but the some of the angles were quite odd, and the video for the most part is overly saturated. Overall, nice video. (For the My Rode Reel video)

  • Hey thanks Eliezerlow312 thanks for your comment glad you liked it for the most part!

  • Here is my next entry for the My Rode Reel 2017


  • Here is the monthly 10 second contest video for Production Crate! Let me know what you all think! It's not the best, but enjoy! I wish it could have been longer!

    Theme is: Time Travel!                               Witch I think is really hard to show in ten seconds but it didn't turn out to bad :) (I hope)



  • Nice job! It's definitely tough to tell a story in such a short time frame, but I think you pulled it off pretty well. I think this is one of your best so far.  Great job on the effects!

  • Glad you really liked it! I didn't think It was clarifying enough, but it is a big relief to know that you understood it, and that you liked it :) And that you thought it was the best so far! Them jumping into the portal was the hardest to pull of, but it came out pretty well!

    Thanks, jsbarrett!

  • I think it was great too! :) It's a completely self contained story.

    Only note would be: with the borders top and bottom: a lot is cropped from the top of the image, because (I assume) you shot it without the borders visible in the camera. You could easily slide the video layer down behind the borders so we can see your heads (mainly in the jumping through portal scene) without losing anything in the composition.

  • Hey Palacono I am really glad that you liked it!

    I agree with you on the bordering.I do have a hard time, and I forget to film with more space for the letterbox. And I do slide the video layer down or up at times when I do not shoot it right (thanks for the tip :) ) On the jumping through the portal scene I purposefully brought the video down, because the last guy (in the red shirt), when he jumped his head went to high to where it would hit the top of the portal, I could have made the portal bigger, or taller but to keep it the same without stretching it, would look bad, and since I made the 3D portal I also could have just made it taller by adding blocks, it would not stay true to Minecraft portals, they are four blocks wide by five blocks tall, so saying all that I just moved the video to where the letterbox would cover up my mess, If it wasn't for that I would have showed their heads more clearly, thank you for mentioning that so I could work on that in the future!

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    Ok, catching up on this thread.

    Overall you're doing pretty solid work with everything. Biggest consistent issue for me is every video has one section where I'm having issues hearing some dialog. Then again, when you're doing run and gun shorts with friends, that's always an issue (So maybe you'll win a Rode mic!)

    You have a good eye for breaking up your camera angles, and overall, good pacing. The 3 minute version of the Shockwave weapon is better than the 4:40 version--but I want to really compliment you and your friends on how you handle your fight choreography and stunts. You're staging and shooting things so that almost every hit looks solid and meaty, but not pushing for really advanced stuff where I'm worried someone is actually going to get hurt. This is a tough thing to pull off, so I wanted to note that!

    (And I do get pulled out of shorts if I'm worried about the actors. I've been hurt in fight scenes gone wrong, and that's having multiple years of martial arts training and stage combat training. It's no fun at all when you get off mark and your fight partner literally throws you through a wall! Spending two months recovering from the cracked rib is less fun. It's even more annoying when this is a stage play, and you have another two weeks in the run, so you just have to suck it up and do that damn fight scene again six times a week.)

  • Hey Triem23!

    Thank you for your comment! I totally agree with you about the audio, some shots the audio is not that bad, then in some other shots I don,t have good audio at all, I could do voice overs with my - Blue Snowball - (not a literal blue snowball :D ) but again I am not the best at that, I guess I struggle with audio :) We will see what happens with productions crate contest ( they are giving away 2 Rode SmartLav Mics! sponsored of course by Rode ) or the Rode contest! I never know!

    I am glad you like the camera angles! My first time trying that out, and it came out pretty well. Also, the angles for the punching were a little hard to get right without hitting someone, but at the same time making it realistic! As you were saying above, yea I do not want anybody getting hurt like you were saying! But it is really the sound effects that really pull of the shot, to make the more realistic.

    Thank you Triem23, it encourages me to keep going, and I am learning a lot by posting stuff to this forum!

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    I could watch it on a loop for ages and keep seeing new things to like. :)

    The actor who reacts to seeing the Hit Me sign on his 'other' back, grabs it off his back and in one smooth motion slaps it on the face of the other actor, all while they both act realistically in a shot that lasts about 2 seconds, is particularly impressive.

    Plus the little 'time residue' effect to the left of that scene (although I think the blend mode could be perhaps Add or Screen to not have a halo around it?), with some split screen - with a fair degree of overlap - as well is just great.

    Not going to comment on the 3D portal because that's obviously good, it's just the little things also count, and the music/ sfx, as usual, are top notch.

  • Thank you Palacono so much!

    Lets just hope Production crate will see all that!

    Are you talking about the chair in the jumping through portal shot that has the 'time residue' effect? Or what are you talking about, because I do not think I added an effect at all.

    Glad you liked the music/ sfx usually I do not think it's all that great, but its just me that is why I post it out here so I can know what other people see :)

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    After they 'land', at about 8 seconds; the wibbly particles thing on the left is what I'm calling a 'time residue/closing portal' effect. That's what looks like it has a dark halo that might have gone with a different blend mode, or some Matte Cleaner. ;)

  • Oh ok gotcha, I probably could of cleaned it up a little, that effect was actually stock footage from productioncrate. thanks for the tip though it's going to help!

  • After all my problems here is the finished version of my short Freedom film, for the My Rode Reel 2017 Competition! It was rushed so not the best I could have made it a little better :)

    Corporal Ron is sent for backup to assist General Greg on a daring mission for Freedom!


    let me know what you all think!

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    I was confused as to who was doing what to who and why again as I couldn't really follow the dialogue, I'm afraid. Different flags but similar uniforms meant I just watched it for the effects. And there were lots of really nice ones: like the slowmo explosion at 1:56 - although the white blobby part looked a little out of place. The pre-title montage was nice too.

    I think you're still not blending your smoke and explosion effects with Add or Screen or Overlay, or something, because some look too harsh and with outlines that stand out. And where did the guy who was running in the background go at 1:46? :)

    But as usual, totally nailed it with the music and (non-dialogue) sound effects. :D

  • Thanks Palacono, I wish I could of done a whole lot better, but as you know I was rushed, like really rushed! I found out last night that the contest deadline actually ended for me at 10:00pm my time, for them it was 12:00pm (lunch time) where they live! AEST time zone :) Yes the dialogue was not the best like you said the flags was really the only thing, at the time we filmed I really didn't have that much money so I couldn't really get gear/costumes that would have made them look different, and most of the enemy's shots were filmed like a year and a half ago!

    on the slo mo explosion that was my first time rotoscoping in After effects so I really did not have a grasp on it yet. Glad you like that!

    I really need to look back at your comment and remember to screen or add my smoke on the scene I didn't really pay attention, thanks for the reminder, and again I was really running out of time, quick with only like 1 hour left and still working on the film!

    I had to cut a little of the talking parts because of unessary context so when I did that it skiped the guy, and you can probably see a lot of that in the short :( I wish I had more time to plan!

    Glad you like the sound and music, those are probably my favorite parts in making a film, I enjoy it! :)

  •  When you have more time to go over it and spot things like the man who wasn't there ;) you'll be able to patch them in with a mask on that corner. But when your attention is on the dialogue: easy to miss.

    Still worth doing for the practice, so next time you'll have that skill. I assume the camera shake was added afterwards so no tracking is required? If it is required, then so much the better: more practice! ;)

    Looking forward to the next one. :)

  • Palacono hit all the crit points for me, so I'll just say: awesome!  Really impressive piece, especially considering your last-minute re-assembly of the project.  I'm guessing this is the one you mentioned in another thread, the one that was giving you render issues?

  • Palacono, The camera shake was added, it is just so much easier! No tracking.

    Can't wait for the next vid. It is for Triem23's contest!

    jsbarrett, yes and no, Yes same project, new video, had to redo it :) No, its not the original 3 minuite, but very very similiar, Glad you liked it!

  • Although you've had to enter this version to hit the Film Riot deadline (I'm confused, did you get it in in time or did the time difference mean you missed out?) I'd be interested in seeing a less rushed edit if you find time to do it.

    After all when you redid the last one it tightened it up into a better video. :)

  • Wait, this is not for Film Riot, but for the Rode contest ;)

    At the moment I do not know If I made it in time, my video is pending, so I have to wait and see, there is a lot of entry's about 950 of them so far, so I have to wait!

    A less rushed version would be nice, but I do not have time :(

  • Here is the Behind the Scenes of FREEDOM!

    This was rushed as well :( I wanted to add other stuff and some vfx to some shots but I just had no time :( enjoy :)


  • All in All I l really liked it  It had a lot of energy and the music and sounds were great. . Palacono hit all the major marks related to compositing  the explosions etc.    My only gripe was the tank @ 2:31, it seemed like it was rushed and put in as an after thought.  It was kind of floating in space without even a contact shadow.   It was also way too small. If you wanted to show distance that the tank round arrived to soon.    

  • Hey Bob,

    Glad you liked it! Thanks for the tip, you are right it does look like it is just floating there, I wish I had more time!

    Thanks :)

  • @HIS__Films - I've been working on a project for the time being and don't have a lot of time to check stuff out. Just went through the vids you've posted here & I like your vids and pretty much agree with those that have already commented. Anything I would have to add would be redundant. Keep up the good work!

    *subscribed :^)

  • Hey StormyKnight!

    Thanks for the Sub :D

    I am Really glad you liked the vids I enjoy doing them, more to come!

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    Here is my entry for Triem23's contest! Enjoy! A full version to come soon!


    let me know what you think!

    Once again I was rushed, but it didn't turn out to bad :) I wish I could have worked on the thumbnail a little more!

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    Cookie loving Stormtrooper. Great stuff man!

    Excellent use of Krammer's corridor. Did you use Element 3D for those shots?

    Love the sparks clashing off the sabers - nice touch.

    All in all...great job @HIS_Films

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