DARKNESS UNVEILED - Lightsaber Duel - LCC 2018 (11/1/18)

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Alright I am just going to start a thread, showing stuff I have been working on, I would love feedback so I can continue to grow. I will not be able to post stuff all the time, but when I have something I will post it.

Here is another contest entry for production crate's April 10 sec. Contest!

Let me know what you think!


Here is the full version!




  • And now here is a interview with Bologna Man. I didn't really put that much detail into this video, the blue screening isn't the best, there's a part where it cuts out part of a toy truck. But besides all of that, I just wanted to show more of the character, Bologna! Let me know what you all think :)


  • @HIS_Films  You certainly have a lot of things going on stuffed into their time frame.  Cute and humerous.  Overall a pretty good job.  Good luck on the contest.

  • Hey,

      Thank you tddavis for your comment, This one was a very hard one to put together, as you see in the full version, I had to cut out quite a bit, but it was a fun one to make for sure! Glad you liked it :)

  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    Great art direction on a budget!  Love the Bologna Man costume.  Nice work with the Cyborg character.  Overall very clever.

  • Thank you Stargazer54 for your comment, I'm glad it was pretty clear to you! It was really fun making it! :)

  • For those who have not seen My first entry for Production Crate's Contest Here it is! This was for Feb. (you will understand why I post this now once you watch the May entry :) )



  • Here is the May contest, Theme: Wish Gone Wrong

    Let me know what you all think!


  • For having so much crammed into 10 seconds, I think it works fairly well, though the pace does feel rushed the closer you get to the end.  Aside from that, the main part that I wish were improved is the VO line, "Man, I wish I could be tall." It needs a boost in volume, and/or a possible re-record of the line to make it more clear. The middle is so quiet that it gets lost under the other competing sounds. Because that line is so integral to the following action, not hearing it clearly hurts the flow of the story.

    The effects are pretty well done. The only part that really stuck out was the comping of the breaking glass as the kid bursts the skylight. There's a bit of a halo around the falling pieces.  (That is a skylight, correct? I get that impression because he appears to go through it before bending over.  If it's just supposed to be the breaking of one of the ceiling fixtures, then perhaps just shift the timing of his "grow" so that the impact with the ceiling happens a hair sooner.)

  • Hey, jsbarrett Thank you for your comment, I probably should have had the voice over a little louder, the top is a ceiling fixture, and the glass pieces are not glass pieces, they are dirt debri, one of the rules is to use only their assets, and they do not have what I was looking for so I used what I had and color corrected it, this has helped me, thanks a lot!

  • Maybe play with the Blend mode (Add? Try them all. ;) ) and turn the transparency down on the debris so that the bits don't have such a visible outline? Also what does the girl in red say at 3 seconds when her head pops up (green screened?) it's like a robotic "Ak Yo!". :D

    I think the thumbnail is great too and what this snippet does is make me want to see the larger version of the film this "teaser" clip came from.

    I mean I know it's not from a larger film, but there are so many unanswered questions: Who are these people, what's their connection, what are they doing, where did that come from and can we see more of their adventures? :)

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    Hey Palacono

    "The girl" in red says "Yo", but very deeply, so I couldn,t really fix it since the audio wasn,t the best :( And "she" was blue screened so with the hair, you can see a blue outline, I tried to fix it without croping out to much of the rest of the body.

    Glad you liked the thumbnail, I personally thought it wasn,t that good, ofcourse not pro, but my bologna one was better :)

    But as you say, it does make it seem pretty good :) And you are right there are a lot of unanswered questions. So maybe there might be (in the future) more to the story, what we might do since this is for a ten second contest (if you have watch the Ultra Sonic Mortar Launcher [above]that is the prequel to the Ultra Sonic Wish) we might continue building on that story 10 seconds at a time, depending on the theme for every month! Witch I think will be pretty fun! I like your idea :)

    The advice on the debris is going to help me, thanks :)

    This is my 100th comment!

  • Here is another entry for Production Crates Contest: Wish Gone Wrong

    A loser wants to win the new mic, but wishes it at the wrong moment!

    Let me know what you all think!


  • Really nice, but I want the next bit, err he get super hearing and can pick up audio from miles away.

    Smoke at the end really sells the shot.

  • some good clips... must be hard working with an actress like that...lmao

  • +Andy001z I know, I want to add more to the videos but I am not allowed to, I mean I could make a long version not for the contest, but I think I am lazy at times :)

    I am glad I did the smoke at the the end, almost didn't!


    +Bry_man Glad you liked the videos, sometimes it can be... a little difficult working with these "girls" :)

  • Great stuff! And not always easy working with kids, especially those under 10. VFX compositing is addictive

  • Hey George147 Sometimes it is not to easy working with kids (not to mention I am a kid) but these kids for the most part are really easy to work with!

  • @HIS_Films   Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that you as all the characters cloned into a group?

  • Hey tddavis If you are talking about The Ultra sonic Wish, then no I am not even in that video those are all different kids, my brothers and some good friends.

    In The Wish Gone Wrong I am in the pink shirt then my brother is in the red, so to answer your question, no I am not cloned :)

  • @HIS_Films I was asking about the Ultra Sonic Wish.  :)  My eyes are just so old...

  • Here is a behind the scenes of the ultra sonic wish!


  • Here is the VFX Breakdown of the ultra sonic wish! Like it if you like it! Sub if you danced! :)


  • This video is a little violent, but not as violent as I could have made it, we had friends over and made a short film with them, my next videos will not be violent :) enjoy! Please like it if you liked it and Sub! I would like that :)

    Three Criminals have stolen a case that has a Hi-Tech Sci-Fi gun called the "Shockwave"! What will the three Agents do about it?

    Let me know what you think!


  • I was...confused. The audio, as usual, was excellent, :) but I lost track of who was fighting who and for what. There is a reason why old westerns had the good guys in white cowboy hats and the bad guys in black ones: so you could tell the difference in the gunfights. :)

    Something as simple as having one 'team' wear red bandanas would have clarified things a little more (for me anyway).

    The narrative wasn't all that clear either. Someone had a fancy gun, or the other side did. Then they, or the others, stole it back, but the others had ordinary guns, but neither side could hit a barndoor from 6 feet when shooting, so might as well have had nerf guns and... that's all I can remember from watching it once. :D

    Good use of varied angles (nice drone work) and cuts on the action etc. so looking forward to the next one. :)

  • I'll second what Palacono said about having difficulty keeping track of which side was which... literally the only one who I could keep track of was the guy with the yellow glasses. And then he lost his glasses...

    Otherwise good work though

  • I agree with you both, Palacono and JMcAllister I should had them wear something to identify them maybe if I had all the agents where a tuxedo shirt (or whatever you call it) only two did, and none of the criminals did have one.

    Thank you guys for the feedback, it is going to help for the future.

    I do not know when I will be able to continue the story, but I still plan on it!


  • So I entered into the My Rode Reel Contest 2017!

    So I bumbed down my video to 3:00 witch was difficult, but it did not turn out to bad :)

    here it is    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZTV5COrzss

  • And here is the BTS of the short film The Stolen Shockwave, requirment was to show the rode gear you own, I don't own much but I got something :)


  • I think it was better for being shorter. It seemed a lot more crisp.

  • I think so as well, it turned out better than I thought it was going to be for taking out 1:40 out! Glad you liked it!

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