Noise reduction compared to Neat Video ?

Hi !

How good is the build in Noise reduction compared to Neat Video in your opinion ?

Do you still use other Software then Hitfilm for this or are you happy with the Noise reduction included in Hitfilm ?


  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    In my opinion it's excellent. I am a long time user of Neat Video but I haven't used it or upgraded it since noise reduction was added to HitFilm. 

  • Thanks. And the noise reduction i can add to Express with the addons is really the same as in Pro ?

  • Does HF noise reduction have sampling?

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

     @Wiggum15 and @GrayMotion Yes. ;)

    It actually has two stage sampling and a lot of additional manual controls for tweaking even further or targeting different types of noise in multiple passes.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Just saying I agree with Aladdin4d. I find Hitfilm's Noise Reduction comparable to Neat Video and haven't updated my Neat Video since Hitfilm added NR. 

  • @Wiggum15 You cannot add Noise Reduction to HitFilm Express

    Unless they have changed that, if they have then I wouldn't know.

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    @CNK It's in the Repair Pack. The actual effect talked about here is "Denoise" and "Noise Reduction", also in the Repair Pack, is for audio. 

    Repair pack

    Didn’t quite capture the perfect footage? Post to the rescue! This pack helps you clear up imperfections and create a high-quality end product. Learn more…

    Bilateral blur
    Smoothes image surfaces, while retaining fine edge detail.
    Cut out digital noise (and leave in the funk) for A+ visual quality.
    Grain removal
    Get rid of those itty bitty grains and keep videos silky smooth.
    Lens distort
    Simulate lens distortion or reduce unwanted effects from fisheye lenses.
    Noise reduction
    Quickly eliminate incessant hums from your videos.
    Pro skin retouch
    Give skin blemishes less screen-time with digital makeup for actors and presenters.
    Rolling shutter
    Counteract ‘jello’ effects caused by cameras with rolling shutters.
  • That's nice, looks like they changed it. I remember Triem telling me that it was Pro exclusive. That's nice to hear


  • My only remaining question is if the "Denoise" Effect in the addon for Express is the same as in Pro or if its a inferior version.

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    @Wiggum15 Yes it's the same

    @CNK It's been available as an add on since 4 Express was released . I don't remember if it was available for 3 Express or not.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Aladdin4d FYI it was made an add-on in 4 Express. In 3 it was Pro-Only. 

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