Star Wars 9 VFX (Zach Alan's Productions: Nov/17/2019)



  • @Triem23 ;  Yes, I guess I had forgotten.   I guess we mostly remember that which annoys us the most.   In gravity,  the debris zinging past the space craft drove me nuts.


  • I decided to work on a different shot for a day. Here's my result:

    Much more accurate compared to the original than the other shot, but I'm liking how it's turning out so far. 

    Any feedback is always welcome :)

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    First, seeing this shot after the prior really shows how well you have your materials dialed in. The way the light is playing off Voyager's hull is just gorgeous.

    I don't have much to critique. Basically the layers you're using to create the solar flares: duplicate them a couple of times and tweak the seed and scale values a little bit. Drop the scale for more fine detail and consider using different noise types. Try one Energy and one Smoke. 

    Basically the only complaint is that the flares read as a fractal noise with warp. But, this is the first draft, so adding the extra fractal noise layers will add the detail and depth to really sell the shot.

    And that note was probably something you've spotted for yourself.

    If those flares are particle sims, not fractals and warp, same basic note-add a couple more layers to fill it in. 

    Excellent work, Zach! Looking forward to the final version. 

  • @Triem23 I was just about to say the flares are particles but you edited your comment. :)

    I'm was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get the Voyager looking good in the shot. @NXVisualStudio has taught me well ;)

    I agree, especially with the first flare. Kind of looks like a wavy piece of paper. I'll try adding some more depth.

    Glad you like it!

  • Looks really good!

  • @ZachAlan_Productions ; That is the shot that I thought would be the absolute hardest to do, but you pulled it off beautifully!  Me?  I still have no clue how to create that sun let alone those flares and that one that creates a flare ring out from the sun is the absolute hardest for me to wrap my brain around.

  • @ZachAlan_Productions ; You've more than hit the "broadcast quality" mark!  Well done.

    (Not having reviewed the original Voyager open) My only nit picky comment is to slow down the activity a little bit on the sun surface.  This is a massive stellar object after all and would still be quite distant.

  • wow, you are a hard-work person.

  • Here's the recent progress on the Voyager intro:

    I haven't done much of it since I've been working on my HitFilm tutorial, but the above video demonstrates all updates that have been made.

    I've also been learning 3DS MAX and am attempting to model my own Voyager. So far so good. I'm not sure if it will turn out any better than the one I'm using but at least I'm learning the software as I go!

    Any feedback is welcome as always!

  • Excellent stuff @ZachAlan_Productions. I almost took a few days off a while back to model a Voyager myself but didn't because I knew I'd become too distracted. Perhaps in the near future?  

  • @spydurhank your models are truly amazing, so I'd love to see your take on a Voyager, especially with the way you make textures! If you ever decide to take on the project let me know :)

  • Aaaaand yes it's the Tenth Doctor time vortex again. ;)

    This time I'm using ONLY the slit-scan method with some extra tips from @NXVisualStudio.

    Maybe it's less accurate than my previous one, but I think it looks WAY better. Maybe instead of recreating the title sequence, I'll try to improve on it?

    Any thoughts? Any feedback is welcome :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I agree. Not as "show accurate," but a better vortex. 

    I say take what Tony showed you, go wild, then make your own. Recreating someone else's look/design is a good learning/training experience  but should always be followed up by one's own version. That's how you figure out your own tricks that inspire people to copy you!

    Minor note. Sounds odd, but I have people occasionally send me links to things I did a tutorial for, recreating my look. It's flattering AND frustrating. Don't do what I did--go farther! After all, my tutorials start with what someone else did, then I take the next steps! 

  • @Triem23 very true. 

    I might use some concepts from the titles but I think I'll go for my own version this time around. I'm going to post another version of the vortex, this time with the two colors and with no rings. I added the rings once I realized what I was working on looked like the Tenth vortex, but I think it would be more fun and more rewarding if I make it my own as you suggested.

    In regards to your tutorials, that's not the first time I've heard of that. Someone else was complaining on YouTube how people follow tutorials exactly and use that in their demo real. :)

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    Well, I made it my own :)

    I played around with some colors and liked the look of a more cyan and magenta vortex. I believe in the show blue meant going back in time and red meant going forward, so that's what the directions mean.

    It also looks really nice with the TARDIS model by @NXVisualStudio. ;) It's my new desktop wallpaper...

    I'll still keep the 10th Doctor version. Maybe I'll put it up on the Neon Visual site if I make an account :)

    EDIT: Please ignore the lens dirt. I realize it's a bit much!

  • Wow, love it. :)

  • Good stuff!!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Looks amazing, Zack.

    You do have the red/blue backwards. Blue is forwards, red is back. Look up "Doppler Shift," "Red Shift" and "Blue Shift," for the reasons why those colors were chosen.

  • Thanks everyone!

    @Triem23 now that you mention that it makes much more sense. Easy fix! :)

    Time to animate a TARDIS!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You gonna use @NxVisualstudio's model? Damn, Tony's is amazing!! 

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    @Triem23 the model sure is amazing! Another reason why not to recreate the Tenth titles again. Tony's model is based on Capaldi's TARDIS!

    Edit: Here's the wallpaper I made using his model:

  • Great updates on the vortexes! That's a nice wallpaper as well, though something about the lighting on the TARDIS doesn't feel right. I think it needs a little more contrast between the left and right sides. They're pretty evenly lit right now. Also, after watching some of the original intros again, I was reminded that the TARDIS usually has light coming from its windows.

  • @jsbarrett glad you like them!

    The wallpaper was made quickly just for fun, so the lighting isn't the best as you said. In regards to the windows, sometime they glow and other times they don't. This model is based off of the one in these titles where the windows don't glow: 

    However, the "Police Public Call Box" signs do glow ( at least in my version), and I have added this for the actual title sequence I'm working on. :)

  • Here's the latest update. This time, with a TARDIS!

    I went for a similar concept to the 10th Doctor's titles with the transition from red to blue, (blue will be added next) but made it look more like the TARDIS slingshots into the other vertex.

    Any comments and feedback are always welcome :)

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    My main note is more on how Tony set up his TARDIS materials than what you've done. The "T" panels on the TARDIS windows were set up to pure black with no reflection. They are their own material group, and, to me, it looks much better if you take the color from 0, 0, 0 to about 16, 16, 16 and add in some specular reflection (only about 5-10%).

    My side note is consider having the vortex go white as you transition from red to blue. The rationale is, since the red and blue are "temporal doppler shifting," when the camera comes to rest for the TARDIS to pass it reveals the "true" white color! I think the original version where it was more like a starfield on the flyby probably had the same logic - that the camera stopped moving from "earlier to later" (or vice versa) and paused at "now."

    Vortex still looks great and you have nice motion on the TARDIS. 

  • @ZachAlan_Productions ; that last one is really cool.

    Honestly the last time I watched Dr. Who, was back in Texas on the PBS station on an old black and white tv when I was five. You take me back except this time I get to watch it in color with spectacular effects. Very cool. :) 

    Tony's model is really, really good. I have one but not sure if it is the same as yours as I haven't used it other than to open the mesh in Blender and study how Tony built it. I do that a lot, I'll download free stuff online or trade a mesh for a mesh just so I can study and learn how an actual 3D artist like Tony did it. You can learn a lot from that artist simply by opening up a mesh in a 3D app and taking a peek at everything.  

  • Here's the next version with the suggested tweaks (and others)!

    @Triem23 good suggestions! Hopefully this is similar to what you had in mind. The white vortex/nebula kind of gives it that hint of the original black and white sequence. :)

    @spydurhank I haven't even watched the show for quite awhile, I mostly like creating the intro sequences more than actually watching it. :) And you're right, there definitely is a lot to learn from studying others' work. That's a big reason I snagged up that mesh of yours when it was free. ;)

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