The "new layer" button does not show up - cant add text

I have no idea where my new layer button is. I can see the "new" button but not "new layer". Here is a screenshot for reference. The photo is what I see when in composite mode. 

Im trying to add text.


  • You're not in composite mode, you're on the Editor timeline. Go to the Media panel and create a new Composite Shot.

  • You're not in Compositing mide, you're in editing mode. 

    Create a Composite Shot and the New Layer button (and text tools) will appear. 

    I'll just recommend my own tutorial playlist. "Understanding the Hitfilm Interface" covers how to create Composite Shots. 

    The tutorial on Comp Shots (including how to set up text) is currently being scripted and will be published on Friday. 

  • Someone else posting his tutorial in 3....2....1...

  • @Palacono 1/2...1/4... 1/8...

  • That is the editor's timeline with a Compositing workspace. As everybody already told you, you need to create a composite shot. 

  • @Palacono 1/16... 1/32... 1/64...

  • Hmmm... We'll have to wait until the next time someone drops a hat. ;)

  • 1/128... 1/256... 1/512...

  • No more need for fractions. The tutorial was posted in March of 2017 (at least I think this is the one being referenced by @Triem23 above):

  • At the time I was referencing someone else who regularly posted at every possible chance (at the drop of a hat) a quite confusing untutorial that left you doubting things you originally knew to be true in Hitfilm; to get his YouTube views up. But, for once, that didn't happen.

    Triem's informative and clear tutorials are quite the opposite (might even have been a reaction to some of the misinformation out there), although he'll have to redo them soon. Poor chap. :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Palacono Yes, Hit-U was partially in reaction/response to a certain set of unhelpful tutorials created by someone who later asked a basic question, to which you answered by linking the unhelpful tutorial right back at it's creator (hysterical!). So was @FilmSensei's channel.

    And, yes, I will have to redo SOME (not all) of the tutorials, which I'm actually starting already. Certainly things on Export Queue, Masking and Text are obsolete as is some of the Viewer Control stuff. At least the animation and camera stuff is all still accurate. ;-)

  • @Triem23 Did you really say  " At least the animation and camera stuff is all still accurate. ;-)"

        Hahaha you better not jinx your self!  


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andersen01498 I don't anticipate major changes to the camera and point rigging anytime soon. The only possible changes I can see being made to cameras is "real world" measurements (zoom=35mm instead of zoom=1866.7).

  • @triem23 that is definitely a wishlist item 

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