Hitfilm University (Merry VFX-MAS! Dec 24, 2018)



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    @Andy001z not tough at all. I've gotten so much feedback on so many rough shots that made the final versions better from many people on this forum! Why would feedback be tough?

    It's that person who thinks everything they do is always super awesome and perfect who can't take a note who is missing out. Other people's eyes will always see things better differently. Maybe better. ;-)

    This new version will incorporate some of the original Effects Lab title. I liked the over the shoulder to a laptop showing what the effect will be, and I like the original transition to the episode's title, but think the original sequence was a little static, so...

  • Some cool stuff going on there Mr. MMM! 

    Every time I watch it I briefly see "Elf-ects" so by the time your next version enters this space-time continuum, I'll be expecting a robot with pointy ears [or would that be pointy mics ?]

    Looking forward to another of your thorough tutorials and hoping it arrives before 2020! But even if it takes that long it'll no doubt be worth the wait. 

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    @Hitfilmer42889 Thanks!

    I'll get it out before 2020--promise.

    And, here's the same thing again with tonight's revisions. This also replaces the version on the prior page of the thread.


  • Looking much better :)

  • @triem23 at least mocha/mocha pro I'll stay the same for now...(knock on wood) maybe you could do a few tutorials on that.

  • @Triem23 Very nice... much cleaner!

  • @Triem23 I find the new one more interesting than the initial test as well.

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    have an off subject Q; does "triem" stand for "three M" (Mike M. Miller)?.

    Just curious 

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    @LiamMcM1 exactly right! And, of course, the "Triem glyph" is three interlocking M's.

    Thanks for the feedback, all. 

  • Ha Ha! that had been nagging at me for some time, but wait ! whats the  23 for ???

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    @LiamMcM1 "lucky number."  ;) 

  • OMG, a new Hit-U post? Could it be "Cameras pt. 4?" Could it be the long-awaited "Animation pt. 4?" Even the long-desired, "Lights and Materials?"

    Nah, just a Christmas greeting thing.

    New tutorials sometime in January.


  • Merry Christmas, Mike!

  • @Triem23 ; Super nice!  I'm guessing  the snowflakes falling and magic hat dust are courtesy of your superior skills with the particle sim?   Unlike you, I had to rely on the preset one.   Text effects are something else I lack skill on.  Merry Christmas to you and yours though.

  •  @Triem23 I see that you used Surface Studio....nice touch to it.   Have a merry Christmas 

  • Merry Christmas. :)

  • Merry Christmas to you and your family, Mike. :)

  • Merry Christmas! #hohoho

  • Merry Christmas to all and to all a good video project.

  • Merry Christmas all.

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