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  • Thanks Triem! The shoulder pieces on the stormtrooper costume were pieces of a gutter pipe drainage thing? It is going to be hard to pick a add-on :) I guess that is a good thing :D

  • congratulations to all that were mentioned, and a well deserved winner I think :)

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    Essential Hitfilm 13 - Hitfilm's Camera part 2, Moving the Camera.

    Part two of the Camera tutorial covers setting scale in your scenes, using the camera movement controls, creating virtual tripod heads for more realistic movement, and more.


    00:39 - Scene Scale in Hitiflm
    01:14 - Estimating Hitfilm Scale from Real World Video
    07:00 - Camera Controls: Dolly
    07:13 - Camera Controls: Pan
    07:27 - Camera Controls: Zoom
    07:42 - Camera Controls: Rotation
    07:56 - Camera Controls: Orbit
    09:32 - How Camera Control Affect Transform Properties
    11:03 - Moving the Camera with Transform Controls
    11:46 - Hitfilm's "Perspective" Camera
    12:44 - Moving the Camera with the Control Widget
    12:26 - "Local" Orientation and the Control Widget
    14:16 - Tip: Quickly Invert Position/Scale Values
    14:54 - "World" Orientation and the Control Widget
    15:22 - "View" Orientation and the Control Widget
    17:01 - "Perspective" Camera and 2D Layers
    18:53 - Euler Rotation and the Hitfilm Camera
    22:32 - Euler Rotation and real Tripod Heads
    24:07 - "Yoke Rigs:" The Virtual Tripod Head

  •  @Triem23 ;

    Probably nothing, but the "Essential HitFilm" playlist on your YouTube channel seems to be in reverse order?

    It starts recent (cameras) and ends with the oldest (interface)

    I just would've thought it would make more sense to have it the other way round...

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    @JMcAllister OMG, you're totally correct! Facepalm! 

  • Guest tutorial for the official Hitfilm YouTube channel on creating "The Defenders" titles! 


    And a Hit-U tutorial on creating "The Defenders" titles! 


    Both for Express... 

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    Essential Hitfilm 14 - Advanced Camera Rigging in Hitfilm.

    This one's a biggie. If I've explained it all correctly, you'll really be close to mastering the camera. My "Day Job" work for many a year has been camera work, and getting good camera work is important.

    Anyways, virtual sliders, snorries, gimbals, jibs, cranes, etc, etc are all discussed.

    Learn how to achieve "Cinematic" camera moves in Hitfilm Express and Pro as we look at some virtual rigs to emulate sliders, snorris, gimbals, selfies, jibs and cranes.

    01:27 - Virtual Yoke Rigs/Tripod Heads
    03:22 - Yoke Rig Comparisons
    05:26 - Virtual Slider Dollies
    06:44 - Virtual Circle/Skate Dollies
    08:02 - Virtual Body-mount (Snorri) Cameras
    09:38 - Virtual "Selfie Sticks"/Gimbal Rigs
    15:40 - Real-world Jibs and Cranes
    17:59 - Virtual Jibs and Cranes
    21:28 - Visualizing Virtual Jibs with "Skeleton Rigs"
    24:20 - Animating Virtual Jibs/Cranes (Example 1)
    26:58 - Animating Virtual Jibs/Cranes (Example 2)
    28:27 - Animating Virtual Jibs/Cranes (Example 3)


  • Finally...

    Hehe just kidding. Worth the wait

  • @Triem23 if hitfilm used real camera scale like in after effects would making a jib be alot easier?

  • Another Fantastic video Mr. Miller!

    In lieu of any new tutorials I recently (the last couple of days!) started rewatching  some of them trying to find a solution to a problem I posted elsewhere.

    Great stuff.

    Especially liked the very end where you were taking your pet out for a walk.

    Do you have to carry Doo Doo Bags with you and do you ever get hassled for not using a leash? You probably steer clear of medical centers because of the concentration of Doctors at such places...  

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    @JMcAllister thanks!

    @spydurhank of course you'll realize that similar camera rigs can be created with point/null rigs in Blender or any 3D space program. Maya, Ae, etc. Of course Blender would let one bone-rig the jibs, etc so one doesn't mess around with lightning effects for visualizing the setup!

    @Andersen01498 no difference. The Ae camera having real-world lens values only saves a step in not having to do math to get the accurate FoV--except Ae cameras are all "full frame," so for camera matching in Ae one still has to calculate crop factor.

    Otherwise Ae's world is also scaled to pixels, so in Ae one still has to set ones own scale. Otherwise you still need the same point rig. 

    Where Ae has an advantage is in expressions. The Counterbalance can be set up with an expression to reverse the jib X-tilt so you don't have to copy and invert keyframes. 

    If Hitfilm ever adds scripting or automation, I'll have to do an updated tutorial! 

    @DrFnord Daleks don't need doo-doo bags. They tend to burn their own organic waste (yay, gunstick!), but, yes, we were far away from the closest medical center. 


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    Hitfilm Effects Lab - Spooky Halloween Eye

    A Hoot classic, updated for 2017


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    Hitfilm Effects Lab - Spooky Dripping Text

    Because, Halloween. Who needs the liquify tool, anyway?


  • @Triem23 the techniques were very similar to my video that I made 

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    @Andersen01498 Displacement is the best way to go about it. :) Great minds, man...

    I really want to see how @jsbarrett did his. 

  • I just committed to a project today, with a due date in a little over a week.  Once that's done, I'll start working on my tute.  A little late for Halloween, but dripping bloody text is such a timeless look.  Why not use it in your next Christmas project, or perhaps something special for a child's birthday?  ;)

  • Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999! 


  • Honestly, it's a great channel and very thorough. You deserve way more subs than you have.

  • @karma17 I'm not complaining. I didn't think I'd hit 1k subs for 12-18 months. 2k in 9 months makes me very happy. Growth will happen, but, even if I had 50 subs, I'd do what I'm doing anyway. :) 

  • @Triem23 That's ME!! But I still am enjoying what I do, and hopfully it will be my job one day! (to be a VFX artist!) even if I do not get many subscribers, I have learned a ton! :)

  • @Triem23 Awesome job dude. :)

  • @HIS_Films well said... 

    @spydurhank Thanks, Frank! 

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    It's been so long since I've gotten out a new tutorial, I figure I may as well update intros and branding as well...


    I do have things in the pipeline, people. Really.

    Now if the nice people at Hitfilm would just not update things that make mostly-complete tutorials obsolete, that would be great--I kid... Don't stop updating!.

  • @Triem23 ; Sweet!  Watched it 3 times and I still have trouble deciding what is filmed and what's VFX beyond the graphic hologram. Very seamless.

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    @tddavis Stock footage is your friend. Only the hologram and associated lens flares and light streaks are CG. That nifty robot hand is real. Otherwise, it's pretty much a mocha track and positioning the elements correctly. Probably the most clever thing done was how I masked the palm to get it to glow.


  • I liked it, but if I am being honest, I found the scene too cluttered, and therefore reading the title was not clear. Or maybe because the colors are all bright?

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    @Andy001z Nah, you're right--with that version all the glows and things are starting to blow out. I'm going to drop some of the glows (but add more glitching), probably reposition the Hit-U logo and text so they don't overlap... And maybe move away from the purple.

    But, you know, Hitfilm forum is a great place for feedback on roughs. :-)

  • @Triem23 and must be tough for someone like you, seen as a Hitfilm Jedi, us mere mortals can hid in the shadows. ;-)

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