Hitfilm University (Merry VFX-MAS! Dec 24, 2018)



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    If you've somehow missed the Blog entry and the thread @CNK started, well, Hitfilm Express 2017 is out!

    So let's look at the new features. I mean besides the big one....



  • Dancing on the ceiling... ;)


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     Create stunning galactic vistas with Hitfilm Express 2017. Or, really, any version of Hitfilm, but we're still plugging the new version, right?


  • @Triem23

    Well, I learned things today! Thanks for the tutorial! Will you be doing a Hitfilm Pro version with the particle simulator?

  • You got better music. :)

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    @Palacono Essential will still use that music you hate. ;-) 

    @ZCC_PRODUCTIONS yeah, eventually. ;-) Pretty easy, actually. You have two basic approaches...

  • Oh, I don't hate it, it's just that I can't unhear the beeps. :) It's like someone calling out your name at a loud party. You'd hear it without being aware you were listening. 

    I liked this more: "Umm..what was I doing now? Hang on ..dum de dum ...yes, that's better...hmm... what about this?" style video. :)

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    Tutorial Time:

    Hit-U Effects Laboratory - Creating Planets in Hitfilm 2017.

    The sphere effect in Hitfilm 2017 reacts to scene lights. This makes it easier to create planetary animations in Hitfilm. This tutorial covers:

    • Setting up the sphere effect textures and illumination.
    • Overlaying multiple layers (ground and clouds) for depth.
    • A nifty matte trick to mix dayside and nightside maps (This is the coolest trick in the tut).
    • Atmospheric glows.
    • A quick lighting rig to set up sun positions easily.
    • If that's not enough, some tricks to generate complex layered procedural texture in Hitfilm.
    • And making them seamless.
    • And, just to top it off, a cameo from the Parallax filter.

    The techniques in this tutorial are specific to Hitfilm 2017, except the dayside/nightside matte trick, which will work for Hitfilm 2 Ultimate and 4 and 4 Pro when using 3D sphere models as planets.


  • This is really a great tutorial... worth all the time spent watching it. There are lots of things in here that can be applied to all kinds of projects!

  • Very cool. :)

  • Thanks! Great tutorial.  This has answered about a 100 questions that I had.


  • Mike as I said in the tube that is a fantastic video really showing the power of Hitfilm. I am keen to try it just to see a hire cool it looks on my computer and b if my computer can cope ok.  You really know your Hitfilm.

  • Hi Mike, Thanks for answering my question about the clouds in the YouTube comments. I have a project I want to try. It's a zoom out from earth -> solar system -> galaxy. I've already used the planet tutorial for all the major bodies, and I intend to use the galaxy one for, well, the galaxy. Hopefully this is not too ambitious for a beginner. I guess I'll find out.

    Keep up the good work!

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     Aaaaand, we're back! 


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    Celebrating 1000 subscribers this week and pandering to the audience by having a cat as the thumbnail image, and a big-assed "WIN HITFILM PRO!"

    There was a specific reason I took a break from "Essential" for three weeks of space tutorials. ;-)

    Oh, yeah, and answering user questions. That, too.


  •  ooh! Nice! I liked your Q&A, it was very helpful, I just subscribed! And not because of the contest, I do really like your stuff, and you have helped me a lot and encouraged me on the forums ;) Thanks

    I hopefully will be doing the contest, but probably not until the beginning of next month, I just started working on my last entry for the My Rode Reel Contest 2017 plus I have to make a BTS video by June 30th, so I got a lot to do, but I defenitly want to try, and the prizes are amazing! I actually tried to win Hitfilm pro 2017 in the past but I didn't and I do not think so this time the third and second place prizes are still epic!!

    Thanks :)


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    Thanks, @HIS__Films :-D Wow, you're cranking out a lot of Rode entries. Keeping busy is always a good thing when what you're doing is both fun and learning!

  •  Cool!!! :)

  • Going Down! A 30 Second Short Film. This video is for the HitFilm University Video Contest. I am not entering the contest to win any prizes, but rather to simply bring attention to it. Good luck to all who enter! https://youtu.be/btKcCra3vvc

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    Better late than never...

    Essential Hitfilm 11 - How to Animate EVERYTHING (part 3)

    Rigging examples, 3D Models, "Skeleton" Rigs and Euler Rotation Order, and more.

    A host of advanced arcana to improve your Hitfilm animation skills.

    00:00 - Intro
    01:39 - Direct Anchor Point Rigging
    05:17 - "Drawing" 2D Animation Elements in Hitfilm
    07:54 - Rigging Animation Elements in 2D/3D
    12:34 - Setting up Animation Groups for 3D Models
    13:35 - Rigging Animation Groups for 3D Models
    23:32 - Rigging/Animation (Example)
    26:42 - "Skeleton" Rigs
    31:49 - Euler Rotation Order


  •  Ahhh . . .  and now the good stuff!


  • Hey! Some questions...

    1. In your Dalek animation, you created the basic movement, then went in between and fine tuned it. However, wouldn't this make the Dalek's movement speed up and slowdown, since not every middle adjustment is the same speed?

    2. In one of Hitfilm's latest videos, they described exporting clips from the timeline to cineform AVI. Would this be the same as transcoding to an editing format, and is there any quality loss?

  • Hey Triem!

    A question for the contest do I need to show space the entire time are just at least show outerspace at one point? I am going to show space for the majority of the video, but just clarifying so I do not do anything wrong :) I am doing a story!

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    @HIS_Films you're fine coming out of space. :) 

  • Ok, thanks :)

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    I entered the space contest! Another entry about Mars in the future coming soon.


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    Essential Hitfilm 12 - Understanding Hitfilm’s Camera - “Virtual Lens Kits”

    This week we dive into Hitfilm’s camera with a special focus on matching Hitfilm’s Camera to real-world lenses.

    Download the FoV Grid: https://www.dropbox.com/s/go2dl8iw11a6h29/FoV Grid.png?dl=0


    00:00 - Intro to HItfilm’s Camera
    01:16 - Hitfilm’s 3D Space
    03:53 - Creating Cameras in Hitfilm
    04:43 - Multiple Cameras in Composite Shots
    06:15 - Camera Properties: Naming and Visibility
    07:10 - Camera Properties: Lens Zooming
    07:54 - Camera Properties: Depth of Field
    09:05 - Viewer Render Options: Depth of Field
    09:27 - Camera Properties: Aperture Control
    10:28 - Camera Properties: Blur Control
    10:47 - Camera Properties: Focus Depth Control
    11:12 - Camera Properties: Focus Distance Layers
    13:13 - Virtual Lens Kit 01: Understanding Focal Length
    16:57 - Virtual Lens Kits 02: Calculating Depth of Field with “No Math.”
    21:46 - Virtual Lens Kits 03: Calculating Depth of Field the “Easy Way…” with Math
    24:26 - Virtual Lens Kits 04: Finding real world Sensor sizes
    25:15 - Camera Properties: Transform Controls

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    Who wins Hitfilm Pro 2017? See some great space shots and find out! Thanks @KirstieT and @JoshDaviesCEO for making this happen. 


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