Hitfilm University (Merry VFX-MAS! Dec 24, 2018)



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    Wowza! 3 drives toasted at the same time?  You must have been beating the heck out of those things.  Which might be understandable given the huge amount of content you've been pushing through them lately.

    I kind of look at hard drives as tape reels.  I have an A and a B that I render back and forth to (plus an SSD for OS).  Then a gaggle of external drives for archive.  Don't care about the throughput on those.

    Point being about the video tape reel analogy, there are only so many passes on the same area of the tape you can get away with while recording over.  Sooner or later you'll get dropouts.  So, same for disk media.  Only so many Read/Writes before - Poof!  Bad sectors.   SSD is also prone to failures after too many R/W.

    Note to disk buyers check the MTBF (mean time before failure) on the specs when looking for drives.   Seagate went to hell in a hand basket, Western Digital used to be crap but are now holding their own.  My current favorite for heavy use is HGST.

    I once remember bringing a Maxtor drive back to life by hitting it with a hammer.  Literally.  It spun up long enough to get the data off and then croaked for good.

    Here's hoping you don't have to get the big hammer out.  Hope you get back up and running, buddy.

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    @Stargazer54 Data recovery finished about four hours ago. 

    @Palacono I don't actually use backup software. Standard Windows File Explorer does it for me. 

    So here's what I did to abuse the system... I started copying the Library (internal) drive to both externals at once. The theory is it will ask me if I want to merge existing folders. I can tell Windows to skip identical files, so it just copies new stuff. 

    One external drive had a hardware failure, but it seems the hardware failure caused Windows to glitch and lose all three drives--I got the "Drive corrupt, Windows needs to scan/repair."

    So I trundled the whole kit over to a buddy's house who is better at recovery than I. Managed to get data off the drives and recovered. But, of course the replacement drives were formatted FAT-32 and I need EXFAT. Well... Forgot how long it takes to deep format 8TB of drive. 

    So, one external drive genuinely fried. The laptop drive had one bad sector. The other external seems ok. The new one is new. 

    Anyways, I think all is back to working order, but I have WonderCon tickets this weekend, so I'll find out Sunday night. 

    And then we'll get into keyframes, points, parenting and the value graph. I have one power tip in particular I think will go over very well. 

    Incidentally, the current (rough) schedule is "Animation," then cameras, then lights, then tracking, then text, then 3D compositing.  And that will wrap season 1. I might combine camera and lights, then put 3D Compositing before tracking. 

  • @Triem23 ; Good to hear you're back in business.  Enjoy some time off!

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    @Stargazer54 hmmmm... not quite back in business yet--for whatever reason, Vegas Pro 14 has decided that all effects plug-ins are missing... Re-install time.

    EDIT: Ok, that's taken care of. All plug-ins are showing as existing, Ultimate S and Vegasaur are working. Hitfilm integration is working--both for sending a Vegas clip to Hitfilm to round trip, and for loading in a Hitfilm project as media....

  • Oh crap i know that pain, my drive is showing its age, gulp 

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    Btw @Palacono I assume you meant Neon Path, not Neon Glow? 

    I'd go back to my older workflow... Black text on a black plane with a white outline and an embedded composite driving a Set Matte effect. Probably using a rapidly evolving fractal noise. 

    I do like Neon Path. It does make it easier to do a regular outline animation. 

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    Yep, meant 'Path. I actually realised while I was asleep that I got it wrong.  

    Acronis is great for cloning drives and taking snapshots. Free version if a WD drive is anywhere on the system, even if that's not the drives you're currently working on. Other than that for the OS drive, dragging folder trees to an increasing row of USB 3 drives for backup is all I do. 

    Glad to hear you're back up. 

    @Andy001z get a new drive and clone it now! Zero downtime at very little cost. 

  • Shoot! Sucks to hear what has happend, but I'm glad to hear that you're almost up and running again where you left off.

    Your YouTube channel is doing great, hard work pays off and it's popularity is only going to increase. 

    That's my motivational speech, now bring us those awesome tutorials, no pressure! :D

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    Hmmmm April Fool's notification @Palacono?

    Anyway my personal preference for image backups is to use the Windows tools to capture .wim images. Win 7 uses ImageX (Available in the Win 7 AIK)


    Win 8/8.1/10 switched to using DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) to capture and manage images

    Capture Images of Hard Disk Partitions Using DISM

    Incremental backups can be made using /Append-image (Note: The link is for DISM but this is also possible with ImageX

    DISM Image Management Command-Line Options

    Both DISM and ImageX are primarily command line tools but they're pretty easy to master and designed for automation with scripting. DISM is included by default in Win 8/8.1/10 so it's available from the command line, Recovery Environment and Win PE. For Win 7 and ImageX that can be done by copying the right ImageX executable to the right locations(s). The images created are file based and can be mounted to a directory to access individual files or manually modify an image.

    There's also a free, small GUI tool for capturing and managing .wim files.



  • Ah,  I was typing and after I'd started with 'A' then  'laddin4d' followed automagically, then I realised and went back and changed it, but the notification must have already been registered.

    Sorry about that, but good to know for next year. ;) 

  • I've been using Reflect DL for Disk Cloning.   As a rule of thumb, the IT professionals that I have worked with recommend replacing drives after their warranty expires.   The rational is that the manufacture expects the product to last at least that long. 

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    I appreciate the advice on disk cloning, but part of the reason I haven't been using disk cloning software is I"m not cloning the drive. I'm copying data from one to the other which isn't exactly the same process. I suppose data cloning might work for making the SECOND backup. But even that's always been a matter of letting Windows say "Wanna merge these folders?" (Yes) "File already exists--overwrite or skip?" (Skip).

    My archive drives have slightly different organization than my work drives, since the archives are broken up by year (making it easier to find and locate obsolete backups I don't need anymore).

    Anyway, everything's up and running with the biggest glitch I've found being that Vegas Pro 14 for some reason lost all the actual settings for my custom render templates while leaving the templates themselves in the list.

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    Essential Hitfilm 09 Animate EVERYTHING! (pt1)

    Hitfilm has some pretty good animation tools. Today we’ll look at Keyframes, Interpolation Curves and the Value Graph. Also, we take pity on out audience and split this tutorial into two parts, rather than make something well over an hour long. You're welcome. :-)


    Recorded in Hitfilm Pro 2017, this tutorial is accurate for Hitfilm versions 4 and higher


    00:00 - Intro

    01:05 - A Brief History of Animation

    04:47 - Understanding “Keyframes”

    06:46 - Understanding “Interpolation Curves”

    09:03 - Linear Interpolation

    10:45 - Smooth Interpolation

    12:28 - Smooth In Interpolation

    14:08 - Smooth Out Interpolation

    15:48 - Constant Interpolation

    16:38 - Combining Interpolation Curves

    19:29 - The Value Graph

  • Soooo timely I've just been playing with this value graph.

  • Great work Triem.

  • Pretty cool, however you made me watch that box go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth,.... I have recently used it for speed of movement to get that getting faster look.

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    @Andy001z @inScapeDigital did it with a bouncing ball. AgArtsCo also used rotating squares. Only two illustrations that made sense to me as well. 

    I realized I goofed up. The lower graph should have its axes reversed. Then they would match the layout of the value graph. Probably significant enough to be worth the re-render and re-upload. 

  • @Triem. Great tutorial as usual.

    Is there keyboard/mouse combination to move the keyframe only vertically or horizontally in the graph view?

    It's not possible to separate the x, y & z value in the graph, but is possible to auto-zoom only on one of them?

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    Essential Hitfilm 10 Animate EVERYTHING! (part 2)

    Hitfilm has some pretty good animation tools. Today we’ll look at Transformation settings, Points, Parenting and Animation Rigging. And… well, this turns out to be a three-parter!


    Recorded in Hitfilm Pro 2017, this tutorial is accurate for all versions of Hitfilm


    00:00 - Intro

    55:20 - Transforming Layers

    02:14 - Opacity Controls

    02:40 - Position Controls

    04:31 - Scale Controls

    05:22 - Rotation Controls

    07:36 - Orientation Controls

    09:29 - Anchor Point Controls

    13:08 - Transforming Masks

    14:17 - Transforms and Effects (Examples)

    15:50 - Transforming Cameras

    17:10 - The Control Widget

    18:34 - View Menu Options

    20:48 - Auto Alignment

    25:31 - Points

    27:54 - Understanding Parenting

    29:55 - Creating Animation Rigs (Example)

    Ghostbusters GO!:


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     @Joet7373 Sorry, forgot to answer you the other day.

    I'm not aware of a way to scale to only one value in a multi value/axis keyframe. I'm off to the wishlist to suggest an ALT+mouse wheel modifer to zoom into the value graph (vertically--CTRL+mouse wheel zooms horizontally... which is temporal).

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    500! I wish I were in town to do a celebratory animation! 

    I never expected this level of growth on the channel, so, thanks everyone! I'll keep doing my best to continue making useful tutorials for this amazing software and kickass user community. 

    And a huge thanks to @JoshDaviesCEO for offering me that first guest tutorial. That forced me to stop stalling and get to work. 

  • I guess the current series of HFU classes might be considered undergraduate level work. Any aspirations to graduate level work?

  • @Triem23 Well deserved with great effort comes great reward. Now go enjoy your road trip already.

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    @NormanPCN we'll see. I suppose that would be once I get past foundation and overview and get into specifics of application. As an example, advanced particle rigging to chain up multiple emitters for procedural thrusters and weapons fire on particle spaceship fleets would be "graduate level," as that tutorial will assume one has seen (what will be) prior tutorials on basic particle sim setup. 

    @Andy001z hey, killing time while my wife does her driving shift. 

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    666 subs at the moment. I'll enjoy my momentary descent into evil on this Star Wars Day, 2017.

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    @Triem23 ;  The mark of evil didn't last long.  You're now up to 670!


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    Hit-U Q&A for May, 2017.


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    @Triem23 Sorry to hear about the spider bites but I'm thinking wearing a big spider (and web) on your chest may not be the best choice for avoiding future bites

  • I was waiting for a reveal where he turned out to be hanging upside down from the ceiling during the whole video. Disappointed. :(

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    @Aladdin4d they're supposed to recognize I've been there, done that! 

    Oddly enough fleas ignore me and go after the wife, but spiders ignore her and chomp me. I'm willing to trade. 

    @Palacono oh, man, if I'd thought of that I would have done it! 

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