Hitfilm University (Merry VFX-MAS! Dec 24, 2018)



  • @Triem23 Hitfilm just keeps on giving......

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    You want to learn Hitfilm's Editing tools?

    Essential Hitfilm 03 - Editing in Hitfilm 

    Recorded in Hitfilm 2017, techniques should all apply to prior versions. Take a comprehensive tour of Hitfilm's editing tools. 


    00:30 - Introduction to Editing
    02:10 - Project Settings
    03:25 - Import and Organize Media
    08:25 - Editor Timeline Setup
    09:25 - History of the Trimmer
    10:35 - Using the Trimmer Panel
    12:05 - NOT Using the Trimmer Panel
    12:15 - Customizing the Timeline Display
    14:00 - “Snapping” Media Clips
    15:10 - About the Playhead
    15:40 - “JKL” Navigation
    16:05 - Single Frame Navigation
    16:25 - Keyboard Navigation Shortcuts
    16:50 - Setting a “Work Area”
    17:35 - “Insert” vs “Overlay” Editing - Trimmer Panel
    20:25 - “Insert” vs “Overlay” Editing - Media Panel
    21:00 - Separate Video from its Audio
    21:15 - Ripple Delete Gap
    22:10 - Ripple Edit Tool
    23:35 - Selection Tool
    25:50 - Drag (“Hand”) Tool
    26:25 - Slice (“Razor”) Tool
    27:25 - Slip Tool
    28:20 - Slide Tool
    29:35 - Roll Edit Tool
    30:55 - Rate Stretch Tool
    31:20 - Speed/Duration Menu
    32:30 - Properties Menu - Speed
    33:30 - Right Click Context Menu
    34:00 - Transform and Reposition Clips
    34:50 - Correcting Clips Larger/Smaller than Timeline
    36:45 - Animating Clip Opacity
    37:40 - Setting Blend Modes
    38:00 - Adding Effects to Clips
    39:30 - Add Preset Effects Chains
    40:00 - Applying Effects to Multiple Clips
    40:25 - Applying Transitions Between Clips
    42:35 - Relink/Replace Media

    View our Tutorial on the Hitfilm Media Panel:

    View our Tutorial on Hitfilm Import/Export:

    Hitfilm Forum Intermediate Codec Thread by Aladdin4d:

    Hitfilm Forum Transcoding Thread by NormanPCN:

  • Incidentally, anyone got any footage with multiple audio tracks I could transcode for a tutorial? 

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    At 29:43 the caption is Rate Stretch instead of Roll Edit and at 31:02 the caption is Roll Edit instead of Rate Stretch.

    At 34:35 you say you can't animate PIPs. While strictly true, dropping a couple of Video Transitions on either, or both, end(s) can dissolve, wipe, slide, push etc. PIPs (and Text Composites) in and out pretty well with control over length and speed pretty easily, without keyframing them in a Composite shot, or if using Cross Dissolve: Keyframing Opacity in the Editor.

  • @Triem23 you may not believe it, but I had spent so long searching for the ripple delete tool that I had completely given up hope that  it even existed in HitFilm... thank you

  • @Triem23  why isn't there a ram preview in the editor timeline?

  • @Palacono Damn it, it will be an external mystery to me how those captions got swapped. That might even be worth the re-render and upload. 

    At 34:35 I'll stick with the accuracy of the statement. I did ssy you can't key or "directly" animate. ;-) but, yes, transitions can totally be used for simple animations--in fact, all the captions are animated with a push right transition. I was holding that hint back for the Animation/keyframe/value graph tutorial which is in either three or four weeks, depending on where I put Blend Modes. 

    @Andersen01498 beats me. Would be useful. Wishlist? 

    @JMcAllister you're welcome. :-) 

  • @Triem23 Well, I definitely prefer my mysteries 'external' to 'internal'. ;)

  • Essential Hitfilm 04 - How to work with Audio in Hitfilm

    Learn end-to-end tools for working with audio in Hitfilm. Import, organize, edit, effect and export your soundtrack. Recorded in Hitfilm Pro 2017, also covers earlier versions.

    (Subtitle this week is, of course, a shout-out to @Aiden )


    01;00 - Intro

    01;25 - Basic Audio Physics

    03;15 - About Analog Audio

    03;50 - About Digital Audio

    04;55 - Clipping is Bad

    06;00 - Activating Audio Panels

    06;10 - Moving Audio Panels

    06;30 - Importing and Organizing Audio

    07;10 - Synchronizing Camera and External Audio

    08;40 - Adding Audio to the Editor Timeline

    09;10 - Customizing the Editor Interface

    10;20 - The Master Audio Track

    11;20 - Adjusting the Waveform Display

    13;35 - Audio Playback while Scrubbing

    14;20 - Audio and the Trimmer Panel

    15;00 - Muting Tracks on the Timeline

    15;50 - Object/Clip Volume Envelopes

    18;15 - Reading the Audio Meters Panel

    21;05 - Reading the Audio Mixer Panel

    22;10 - Setting Left/Right Stereo Position with the Audio Mixer

    24;25 - Keyframe Volume Fades with the Audio Mixer

    26;20 - “Object/Clip” vs “Track” Envelopes

    27;00 - Editing Tools with Audio

    27;40 - Selection Tool

    27;55 - Hand Tool

    28;05 - Slice Tool

    28;15 - Slip Tool

    28;40 - Slide Tool

    29;25 - Ripple Edit

    30;00 - Roll Edit

    30;30 - Rate Stretch Tool

    31;05 - Speed/Duration Menu

    32;25 - Changing a Video File’s Frames per Second and Audio

    33;20 - Unlinking Video from Audio

    33;35 - Adding Effects to Audio

    34;10 - Adding Transitions to Audio

    35;40 - *The Grand Effects Speedthrough!

    35;40 - Audio Reverse Effect

    35;50 - Balance Effect

    36;00 - Large, Medium, Small Room and Cathedral Reverb Effects

    36;10 - Channel Level Effect

    36;20 - Echo Effect

    36;30 - Equalizer Effect

    36;40 - Noise Reduction Effect

    37;30 - Pitch Effect

    37;50 - Shortwave Radio Effect

    38;00 - Telephone Effect

    38;15 - Doppler Shift Effect

    39;32 - Tone Effect

    38;45 - What’s Missing?

    40;00 - (Not) Keyframing Effects Parameters

    40;20 - Working with Audio in Composite Shots

    41;45 - Exporting Audio

  • Few remarks:

    18;14 Previous / Next keyframe should work, this is a bug introduced in HF3, I've logged it to have a look later

    18;24 You have "Editor > <Invalid>" in the controls panel. This is a bug, I'd be interested to know how to reproduce that one.

    33;30 You can do J&L cuts by pressing Alt and selection tool

    40;30 Well, about that... #tease ;)

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     @CedricBonnier ;

    18;14 a couple of bugs have come up in this series. When Update #3 hits, I'll annotate. 

    18;24 I hadn't noticed! I'll go back to the raw and see what I did, maybe? 

    33;30 Yeah. Mentioned that in last week's, omitted it in this one. My bad. 

    40;30 potentially very exciting!

    Thanks for the feedback! (Especially since these are marathons by YouTube standards.)

    As long as I've tagged you, my top two Audio wishlist items - compressor/limiter,  balance fader keyframes. After that, being able to drop effects on the master track. Yeah, yeah, wishlist thread..  

  •  @Triem23

    40;42 - "It is not possible to mute or un-mute an audio layer clip in a composite shot" 

    Um... yes it is? Controls -> Layer Properties -> Mute

    Audio layer clip has now been muted in a composite shot. 

  • The layer properties is a bit of a round about way to mute audio but it is there. It is there even on video layers.

    It is a bit of a mystery to me as to why Hitfilm does not allow quick and easy muting of an audio layer like it does for video layers. The eye icon/button. For audio layers it just disables the button. The mystery is why the comp timeline does not do what the NLE timeline does with audio tracks. Why should the NLE audio track have that feature and not audio layers in the comp timeline. It's a mystery to me at least. I have previously suggested that feature ability/addition.

  • Wow what a detailed tutorial Mike, I thought I knew a little bit about audio, turns out I knew nothing, really good stuff. If I have one complaint it's to good and detailed and when I'm tired just chilling this is too much to take on, one for my Watch later list. Thanks for taking the time.

  • @JMcAllister at @NormanPCN oops. Missed a function? How did I miss it? I noticed that level slider, but - 60 isn't a mute! 

    I figure in practical terms, if a user has audio in a comp shot it's either being used as a modulator for Atomic or Audio Waveform/Spectrum effects, or a clip from the editor timeline was converted. Chances are you WANT the audio. 

    Still, good thing YouTube has annotations! 

    @Andy001z I did consider at one point breaking things up into shorter segments, but, where to seperate, do I want to record extra intro/outro segments (no), and would anyone sit through, say, four to six 8-10 minute segments? 

    Opinions? Should I slightly alter format and break things into small segments, or keep topics as long marathons? 

    Bear in mind certain later topics will be split up--things like 3D models and particles for instance. But those currently look like they'll be three 30+ min videos each. 

  • "...but - 60 isn't a mute! "

    Yep. There once was thread where a user was finding that -60 was not an effective mute. It's why I once mentioned that HF could/should do what Vegas does. Have one level beyond -60 which would be -Inf(inity). aka mute. Everywhere including the clip volume bar. Simon thought it was an interesting idea so maybe it got got logged somewhere.

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    @NormanPCN or a Channel Level effect can be added for another - 60dB of fade. And the Fade transition does fades to - Inf. 

  • @Triem23 Another round about way to get a simple/trivial task done. It also does not help someone who is trying to duck audio to mute via the volume bar.

    To me it's just another one of those mysteries of Hitfilm. It has audio and various properties (bar) and effects to tweak audio levels and none of them can mute. -60 is not a mute. This is as obvious as the sun in the sky. Although for most audio -60 is probably an effective mute, but is not a real mute. Why is HF intentionally(?) avoiding mute? That is the mystery to me.

  • Beats me, but, hey the Mixer Panel allows real-time mixing without pausing playback. That's a huge new deal for Hitfilm. Heck, I actually started the tutorial with "Hitfilm has... almost all the audio tools."

    Still not up to the visuals for functionality, but FXHOME continues to improve the software, so, you know... It's all good. 

  • Come on guys it's simple Hitfilm is clearly aware of the need to work at those lower dB levels when the aliens arrive.

  • @Triem23 "...Mixer Panel allows real-time mixing without pausing playback."

    ...and I did not realize that until I watched your video. Everyone should watch these things. There are always new things to learn.

  • @NormanPCN I did not realize that until I was MAKING the video. It was a pleasant discovery. 

    I've learned quite a few things making this series, since I have been poking into areas of the. software I literally haven't touched before (especially since Hitfilm University is edited in Vegas Pro *cough cough*). 

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    Running late, guys... By my self-defined schedule this week's tutorial should have been up a couple of hours ago. I'm um... Still recording and editing the last couple of bits. I picked up extra work shifts this week and have a cold, but the true delay is I tried a different workflow method this week that turned out to be a huge mistake. This week's has taken well over twice as long as last week's to put together. 

    I'll get it up today. 

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    Ah, @Triem23 don't sweat the small stuff.  If you get it up before midnight it's still on your self defined schedule in my book, and, if not, I'll wait and look forward to it in anticipation.  Feces occurs...

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    True that... Well, it's all good. Technically I haven't "officially" launched yet. The "Official" launch is when I pass 100 subscribers and can claim my custom URL....

    Oh, wait, that happened in the last 24 hours! Oh, that means next week is "official" launch! Woo-hoo!

    Just making another tumbler of tea to soothe my throat, then I have a couple more short segments to finish, give it a proof watch, and, if I don't have any glaring errors, I can render and upload.

  • @Triem23 I tried to give you a boost today. Hopefully it does!


  • Vegas Pro.... Traitor!!!! ;)

    No sweat, no that deadline feeling.

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    @Andy001z traitor? I got into Hitfilm because it was bundled with Vegas Pro 12, and because of Mocha and the Vegas integration! ;-)

    Ok, proof watch done, and I did catch a thing, but I'm leaving it in (a "Marvel no-prize" to those who catch it). Rendering now... With my typical settings of 2-pass VBR @35mbps with all the moving text overlays these things tend to take a bit over two hours to render. Then another 30 minutes or so to upload. Then however long it takes YouTube to process the silly thing... So, should be up around noon PST.

    @HitfilmSensei Thanks, Jay! What time did you post? You might have explained why there was a rush of 15 new subcriptions in an hour this morning... This reminds me, I should go add everyone else's tutorials of the week to the Hit-U playlists.

  • Thick Scottish accent "Cannee take a joke lad, i'm just joshing with u." 

    Looking forward to it.

  • @Triem23 I post my videos every Friday morning at 4:00 Mountain Time, which would be 3:00am in California. I hope it helped kick you over 100!

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