My new short film 'Loyalty'

Hi guys,
Here is my entry into the 11th Lightsaber Choreography Contest.
This is my fourth time entering; I've gotten a second and a third but this year I finally won!
It would definitely have not been possible without the help of my friends and family. 
You can see the other entries here:

Thank you for watching!


  • Nice work! The drama side fell a little flat for me, but that's mainly because I have trouble taking any Star Wars-related drama seriously post-Prequels. The fight is fun and well staged, effects are decent (I like your blade ignition style). I was a little confused by the lightsaber staff, as it was only glowing on one end but the guy was clearly engaging with both ends of the stick.
    Anyway, fun stuff! Only other thing I'd have liked to have seen is some more Force powers, so it wasn't just a lightsaber fight.
  • Thank you!
    The lightstaff is made of (nerd alert) phrik, which is one of several lightsaber resistant metals in the Star Wars universe.
    I made the decision not to use force powers because the vfx would have been to much to do before the deadline.
  • Really enjoyed this and thought the choreography of the fights was really good. Congratulations on winning, that's great :)
    Do you think you could upload this for the movie wall for other people to see?
    Well done again!
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    I like that you didn't use force powers 'cause the choreography was really well done and at a nice pace. Force powers would have broken that pace a little IMHO. Really like the sabre-pike(?).
    Congrats! Hope you continue to do more.
    May the force be with you......or at least the third one mentioned in the line above 'The End'. ;) 
  • Hey guys!
    The Loyalty team is going to be having a live Q&A on Friday, Oct. 4th. 
    Read about it here and if you have some questions you can sign up.
  • That was very well done. Choreagraphy was impressive. Cinematography was well done. Acting was much better than I had expected from a star wars type fan film. Definitely one of the best lightsaber fight scene/stories I've seen since the original RvD.
    Did you use hitfilm for the lightsaber effects? If so did you use any two point tracking or did you use all rotoscoping? What was your workflow like. I'm definitely intrigued by all that vfx work.
  • The blue saber was rotoscoped in After Effects and the two others were done in Blender. All the glows were done in After Effects.
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