TDDavis' Li'l Projects thread - Rendering Fire in Eevee with transparency- 7/19/2020



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    @CleverTagline ; So very true.  Him being non-verbal he won't indicate what he wants to watch from his stable of preferred videos, but you know you've found the right one when he takes the remote from you walks it across the room to the tv stand :)  It's both comical and a little sad.  One of his pluses though is he can turn circles like a pro figure skater and never get dizzy.  I've never seen him stumble afterward and he does the whole speeding up thing they do too.  He's been able to count to 100 with foam numbers for a couple of years and  line the letters up forward and backwards.  Recently he is teaching himself signing from a Jack Hartman video and just started trying to sound the letters of the first 5 or so. I hope to come up with something else he likes someday.  Thanks for watching.

  •  Love the renders, but where is the 🌈

  • @Andy001z ; I guess I should have put a rainbow in there somewhere, shouldn't I?  I wasn't thinking.  

     @FilmSensei Thanks. 

    And thank you both for watching.

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    @GrayMotion ; I saw this and thought I recalled you have a wonderful model of the ISS and thought you might  find some of this of interest. If you didn't do the ISS video, I apologize.  I tried searching and looking briefly through you Production Zone but never found the video I recalled. Also, I put this in my thread so as not to clutter anyone else's.

  • Really great @tddavis! My daughter is a caregiver for two non verbal sisters with a rare disease that includes seizures and inability to walk. We love those girlies and am thrilled to see something like you've done here! 

  • @Kiplake ; Thank you for watching and for the kind words.

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    I missed this the first time it popped up on the feed.

    Grandparenting done right, man. Nice work. Some fun movement on your monsters.

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    @Triem23 ; Much appreciated.  You got to love that Blender Physics sim package.  Dafter Things mentioned they had an underwater feel which I had never noticed and now I can't stop thinking about that Aquaman tutorial and put them underwater for some kind of background context other than just black and working an actual rainbow in there, too as Andy001z pointed out :)  I mean, it follows rainbows, water.  Maybe use that old underwater light from above tutorial of Javert's and have it change into different colors...

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    All excellent ideas!

  • " I saw this and thought I recalled you have a wonderful model of the ISS and thought you might  find some of this of interest."

    Ah yes. That's me..the ISS guy. Thank you sir!

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    @FilmSensei Putting this here to not clutter poor spydurhank's thread anymore than already have, but if you travel through  Western KY on I 24 at Exit 11 you're exactly a half mile from my house.

  • Cool. I am actually taking I-64 which is north of you. Tomorrow I'm driving though St. Louis toward Louisville.

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    @FilmSensei Ah, yes.  I know that route well.  I don't know what the sitch is with the road conditions along that corridor but we did have a snow event that went through up way a few days ago.  It should be cleared by now though.

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    @GrayMotion @spydurhank ; I went searching for the tutorial of the cave and found that it is by the guy that I am half into a UDEMY course with on 3D Environments. (his tuts on medieval houses got me going on modeling houses at long last.)  I left off the cave art part cause I didn't find a ready link to the image and I sort f like it sans art.  My Eevee times in Filmer are 06:12 minutes  642.59M and 795.13M Peak for 618,062 Verts & 616,912 Faces (I forgot to log the Tris

    I spent most of 8 hrs doing this and Part 1 of 2.8 Earth tut plus decorated a small cake; learned a lot of Blender 2.8 though!

    Earth Part 1 or 4 Tut series

  • @tddavis That is pretty damned awesome. :)

  • @spydurhank Thanks, Frank.  Like GrayMotion said it's all due to being able tp follow a great tut.  BTW, I just discovered that the classroom has 150 frames to it.  I've just been doing a single frame of the benchmarks but I started doing Fishy_Cat all the way through now.  It averages about 4 1/2 minutes per frame with Filmer.

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    Great render sir!! Yep. That's the same Texture Haven tutorial I followed. Was pretty easy and I learnt a bunch real quick. 

    I thought I'd check the render time on 300 frames just for sh**'s and grins. 00:02.21 = 6:63

    I apologize in advance for cluttering your page up Terry

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    @GrayMotion ; Hey, no sweat!  It's what my page is for to make it easy for me to find again :)  Hey, was supposed to be an animation link?  It took me to a single image??  BTW, I noticed that your lantern glass is rendering black.  I had to change the blend mode on mine from opaque to additive to make it where I could see the flame inside if you're puzzled like I was by it.

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    Sorry about that. I fixed the link.

     For the life of me I  couldn't figure out how to make the glass on the lantern transparent. Thanks a million for that one!

    Oh, I figured out how to make the lamp flicker with the scene light. Amazing thing really : I opened the graph editor  and set a keyframe for light intensity on frame one. Then I added a Noise Modifier.  Scaled it up to around 13  to slow the flicker down and set the strength to .50. The volumetric isn't the greatest, something @spydurhank might have eluded to about " poor quality renders" from Eevee but I'm sure it can be refined. Light bounce more than likely. 

    EDIT: If it's possible to bake modifers and the texture into the model using Eevee this scene would be a good example to try out with Franks Hitfilm tools for Blender. I be working on that but 2.8 is so much different I still need to get the lingo and navigation down :-)

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    @GrayMotion ; And thank you right back for that info on the light flicker!!  I would have just done a hack job of keyframing the strength and never thought about a Noise Mod.  I went a tad higher on the lightbox thingy for volumetrics so it might not hurt too much on mine but I can't be sure until I try an ani.  But I don't see a thing wrong with your animation flickering at all.  That looks really sweet.  I have to come up with something different :)

    Got through the 2nd half of the Earth making the night light dynamic.  Here's a still:

    Sunrise over the Rockies

  • Hey bud. If you ever have a need to destroy something you might take a gander at this 2.79b fracture modifier project by scorpion81. Pretty cool.

  • @GrayMotion ; Hey, thanks for the link to that.  It looks really cool and useful.  The dust from ground plane looks like a video tutorial I saw once of an X Wing crashing but it didn't break up.  And its part of what i used to make my Jupiter 2 dig a trench on crashing along with the Interactive Ocean.  That's a whole cooler dimension.

  • Ha this is fantastic! Love it. :)

    I think that specific "fracture modifier" is a custom Blender 2.79b build. Saw but didn't watch the video above last night and instantly realized I could port that over to my Filmer branch but it could take a bit of time as I'd need to learn the modifiers part of the Blender source then figure out how to re-write it for Blender 2.80.0

    As you can see, the Fracture Modifier Team has been working on that modifier since 2012. It looks like a tough job but the breakdown videos for the fracture mod branch definitely make me want to add it to Filmer... in time. :)


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    I'm so silly!   There was a reason why that tutorial put me in mind of the X-Wing crash tutorial...

    ...and he's one of my 'billions & billions' of subscriptions, too! :)

    spydurhank is correct, I think.  I downloaded the modifier and it doesn't have an option for anything but 2.79b

    And @spydurhank, I am really impressed with Filmer's render boost.  I'm still getting a CUDA error with the Llama (Koro) benchmark with the latest Filmer though.  Scratching my head over that one...

  • @tddavis

    I'll find out if I can get the fracture mod source code later today to see if it is doable but updating "anything" from 2.79 over to 2.80.0, especially a modifier that is custom built into Blender source, is very tricky right now as things break on a daily basis. I'm surprised we haven't had too many issues or breaks inside Filmer. I haven't actually noticed any bugs and I think I crashed Filmer only once so far. 

  • "There was a reason why that tutorial put me in mind of the X-Wing crash tutorial"

    I figured it would become very clear to you quickly who's tutorial I was linking to. Albin is the boss when it comes destruction. Sorry I forgot to mention it was a modified Blender build...but 2.79 is still going to be my goto until 2.8 is stable and the purchased/installed add-ons are ported over. I actually love it that I can have several instance of Blender at my finger tips.

  • Me too.  2.8 is pretty nice but it does have those limitations you mentioned and Filmer is a superb addition to it as well.  Once Blender is official and has those plugins and Frank gets his customization for Hitfilm conversions added Filmer will be my goto standard.

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    "I'm still getting a CUDA error with the Llama (Koro)" too. Renders ok in 2.80 Beta 1-22-2019 - although the final output render is blank.

    One thing - I watched my GPU Base clock drop to idle (139mhz - stock base is 1506mhz)   3/4  of the way through render. During the first half of the render it was pushing the Boost to 1911mhz. Gotta love Nvidia 10 series for that.  But something funky with the Koro...2.8 doesn't like it.

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    @GrayMotion My regular 2.8 finished but it put the text notes on one layer and the Koro on another and I had to export both and composite in Hitfilm for the post I made in spydurhank's thread.  I have no clue how to do that with 1060 but today it update drivers in case you use the same one. Also, I'm updated Blender to the 2/2/2019 build yesterday, but when I did Koro it was an earlier build.

    Here's my Koro that finished: composite.png?dl=0

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