TDDavis' Li'l Projects thread - Rendering Fire in Eevee with transparency- 7/19/2020




    Finally, after 15 long years, I have done the first scene of what I set out learning 3D modeling to do.  In true movie fashion, this scene takes place 1 page before the end, but was first done :)  And that's not to say I won't revisit it ad nausem before I finish another, but like Lucas and can't help tweaking. Used a nice piece by Eric Matyas from his site called Battle of the Ancients because I like the fast drums. Rendered as a PNG sequence in Eevee Filmer and Compositor Denoise node at approx. 1 minute per frame from 2 cameras.  Intercut and stretch in Hitfilm Pro 14.3.

  • Check out this next gen stuff Andrew Price linked to in his newsletter!  Incredible stuff.

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    After sitting with the above video for a bit, I realized that my 1st time using Eevee motion blur I had no clue what the default settings were, so I re rendered with tons less and 20 more frames on one angle for a better end shot, then I stretched shots a bit more aggressively in Hitfilm so it wasn't so jerky.  Overall the length tripled, and I think it's a better edit.

    Edited the link to a version that incorporated @FlyingBanana78 's comments.  Also found a repeat spot at that same area from both angles and fixed that.

  • Whoa that is cool. :)

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    @spydurhank Thanks for watching.  Do you think I stretched the frame rate too much in the second clip?  Or were you commenting on that new software :)


  • All of it, all of it is very cool. I've never played with frame rates to know any better but it looks good to me. :)

  • @tddavis awesomesauce, looks pretty slick. Only thing I see is the sharp change in direction of the craft, the camera movement looks good. Not sure how you have the keyframing for the crafts movement. You can smooth them out without having to adjust keyframe position in the graph editor. Change them to a bezier and adjust that movement change keyframe so it has more of a rounded keyframe to smooth out that change of rotation. Again though that is just me cause it looks pretty awesome already.


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    @FlyingBanana78 I think I know where you are talking about...after the Jupiter goes down between the rocks and at the bottom turns?  I'll see if I can do what you are saying.  I did recently set my default key frame interp to linear but not sure if it was before or after I started this file. :) Than ks!

    Edit: Yes.  I totally forgot I had switched that and they were all linear.  If I guessed the correct part I am rendering out that section of frames again with a smoother (I hope!) turn there, and if it isn't where you meant I'm still ahead because it was bothering me there, but tell me about where in seconds it's at if not.

  • Okay, I got wild and crazy today and tried my hand a making a tutorial in Hitfilm on how to Use Eevee to render out fire with a transparent background and keep it looking decent! I apologies in advance for the accent and the crude tutorial skills to any who watch it.

  • TERRY, AWESOME! Good job, 32bit exr is the way to go... all the way. :)

  • @spydurhank Thanks.  It's rough, I know but appreciate the comments.

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