TDDavis' Li'l Projects thread - Rendering Fire in Eevee with transparency- 7/19/2020



  • @spydurhank that GIF is great! If Terry laughed half as hard as I did, Court made his day! 

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    I don't have 'the' Twitter or any social media and technically this is made from a couple of tutorials I worked on in Blender so not qualified so I put it in my thread.  I did use Hitfilm to compile the PNG sequence from Blender.  I tried my dead level best to import the models into Hitfilm but I definitely have to go back and watch @Triem23 's series on camera controls cause I couldn't get it to do what I wanted.  I did manage to figure out exporting maps of each mountain along with roughness and normals so WIN!


  •  @tddavis You know its good when you have to ask yourself if this is real footage or not? (which I had to).  Nice!

    I might put a little fractal noise on the ice to just give it a slightly dirtier feel.   The white ice is almost too "clean".

    But definitely a very nice shot!

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    @Stargazer54 Thanks.  I thought it was a bit cartoon though, but I like the idea of a fractal noise.  I'll play with that

     Edit: I did as Stargazer54 suggested and added a touch of noise and a musgrave texture to the ice.  I also decided to scale up the mountains a tad cause they weren't that visible. redo with noise on ice.mp4?dl=0

    This was made combining this two tutorials for those interested:

    BlenderBinge: just for the learning.

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    So my latest project was using Hitfilm (Imerge would be the better choice here, but I barely know how to use Hitfilm :) ) to edit green screen photos I took of my granddaughter and son-in-law going to her Father/Daughter Masquerade Dance.

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    I've been playing with a Beach Waves tutorial by CG Geek for a while now (off and on) but I never could get decent results until I bought the Flip Fluids add-on. It's still not as good as Steve Lund makes his look but is the closest I have come so far. Rendered as a PNG sequence and assembled in Hitfilm Pro 14.

  • I really like it especially the colouring and the way it interacts with the rock.

    There are some blue squares which appear when the wave is fully in??

  • @DafterThings Hey, thanks for watching, and yeah, I cannot figure out what caused those???  There's no geometry there to cause it, so I'll have to look into my settings on Flip Fluids to see what boo boo I am certain I did :)

  • @tddavis 2.82 now offers manta flow for fluids and smoke/fire which is a long awaited addition to the fluid and smoke sims. Especially the fluid sim is more intuitive as it will generate particles and foam from the same simulation without having to "fake it" like you used to have to creating your own particle sim to simulate splashing effects. Not sure if @spydurhank is coding more now for filmer for this newest update which I am sure he is. Will find out in @FilmSensei broadcast today with him. Looks pretty good so far.

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    Made another pass at this tutorial using the Flip Fluids add-on in Blender and composited in Hitfilm Pro.  Still room for refinement, I know, but I did manage to get rid of the weird artifacts from the mess not being dense enough and found the settings for the foam and spray.

    The bake time increased to 38 hrs and so did the render time.  Hitfilm compositing was a snap of just a half minute. :)

  • Holy!!! Looks awesome. Nice job on the water color. Love it. :)

  • @Spydurhank Thanks.  I followed the shader part of the tutorial for that, but now it's built so I can use it for all water.

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    That looks pretty spot on. The water flow is gorgeous. Just the spray coming exploding off the rocks seems a little thick and clumpy to me.

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    @Triem23 Agreed 100%.  They're ropey, aren't they.  And in the thumbnail above you can see the edge of the domain where the spray collides. 

    I wasted 12 hrs render time then noticed the foam particles looked more like ice balls and had to restart adjusting them down.  I need to find and refine the spray and bubble settings too.  I'm sure that the fluid sim in Blender basic has all these settings but Flip Fluids make them a little bit more accessible (at least for me) but they are fiddly still.  I will say that I tried this sim from the CG Geek tutorial with just Blender and never could get the waves to act like this, but once I got the add-on it was ready to go almost out of the box.

  • @tddavis That is some cool looking CG right there!  Great Job!

    I think you just got hired as the "ocean guy".

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    @Stargazer54 hey, doing good CG fluids is always difficult. I still think CG fire/smoke sims pretty much always look like a SIM... Water.... Not always...

  • @Stargazer54 @Triem23 Thanks for watching and the high praise Stargazer54.  Triem23 I was thinking it was the other way around.  I can usually spot the fake water easier; especially when it's used to represent a large scale dam bursting or something like that.  I was expecting an ocean scene to fall into that as well but I am surprised by the Flip Fluids base settings getting so close.

  •  Wow I love that, so the scene is 3d (including rocks) in Blender than the water is added with the fluid effect added? Lovely. How long did it take to render?

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    @Andy001z The 2nd time, with increasing the mesh of the beach to get rid of the weird squares underwater and the mesh of the fluid for good measure and adding the white water, increased the bake time from around 21 hours to 38 hr 38 minutes then the render time ended up being almost exactly that as well.  The only reason the render time could have gone up would be the white water, I suspect.  Thanks for looking in though.

  • @FlyingBanana78 I missed your post a while back ...sorry.  I tried the CG Geek tutorial with Mantaflow when it was still in experimental build before 2.82 and still couldn't get a good result.  I had the worst problem with the water level disappearing until I realized you can't use just a plane as a beach collison and you have to extrude it down to fill in the domain space underneath.  I've wanted Flip Fluids for a while and finally decided to go for it.  It's a tad expensive for a one note add-on but I am pleased with how it performs.

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     Beautiful! I've been trying to recreate this little shot but the water splashes escaped me. I will have to re-visit water.

  • So, I copied my sim and saved it under a new name to create a new cache, and while I was at it I subdivided the fluid object 1 more time and scaled it up a but l to r so the edges are out of frame.  I also increased the height of the domain so it would avoid that collision; fiddled with the Flip settings a bit to hopefully make the spray a bit better.  The downside though is the estimated bake time more than doubled to 96 hours!  Yikes!!  Anyway, in 4 days guess I'll see if I helped any.

  • @tddavis Sounds like its time for a render farm!  ;)

    Always the trade off between render times and deadlines.  But these are the experiments you have to do to figure out where the point of diminishing returns is.  Look forward to the results!

  • @Stargazer54 ; Been meaning to dig into what requirements to do that with Blender are as I have several older systems around here, but I never have taken the time but I need to most definitely.

  • @GrayMotion We had an event this morning with the ISS.  Thought I'd post it to Dropbox in case you wanted to see it fly over here.  Shot this with my new s10+ phone and tried to enhance the tree with curves so you could see why it was flickering at the start.  The camera lost focus as it got near the sun rising so I shut it down there even though it had about another 3 minutes of sky time. fly over paducah ky 2_22_2020.mp4?dl=0

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     Wow! Very cool. Brightest man made object in the sky. 3 minutes of sky time more is much more than I get. Lucky guy. Flying over Denver the stations flight time total is 2 minutes max it seems this time of year. Tilt and all..

    I use an ISS tracker app that gives me a heads up where it is coming from and where it is going. One day I'm going to try and get a transit shot of the Sun or Moon - but cant do it from my backyard. Gotta travel. I don't travel :-( 

    Thanks for the share sir. 👍

  •  @tddavis Pretty amazing!  Was that handheld, on a tripod or what?

    If that was handheld then you are super-human. ;)


  • @Stargazer54 Thanks; it was handheld phone.  I didn't think it was at all steady.  Probably it's so dark it hides the shakiness. :) 

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